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How to Train Your Bird

How to Train Your Bird

When deciding on a pet bird, remember the chosen bird species must be fit to your lifestyle and personality. Gather all the patience that you can muster before attempting to teach your bird any trick. It will also be helpful if you learn more about the species of bird you choose. Learn how to train your bird to speak and do tricks. This will strengthen your relationship and entertain you at the same time. Remember that taking care of a cheerful bird can become a great stress reliever. One of the easiest tricks to teach your bird is to train him on how to stand on your finger. Here is how you do it:

  1. Take time to be with your friend. The first thing you need to establish is a strong bond between you and your feathered friend as this will enable you to easily teach him to do as you instruct. Let him become accustomed to his new environment, to your presence and to your voice. Once he responds to you, he is ready to learn new things from you.

  2. Reach out to your friend. Slowly reach out to your friend by putting your hand into his cage for about 30 seconds and then pull it out.

    See how he responds to it as you assure him that you are, indeed, a friend and will do no harm to him. You can also take a small bird treat into the cage. Frequently clean his cage and surroundings so he can breathe and move around freely. Also, provide adequate food and water for him.

  3. Slowly touch him. Using your index finger, give your friend a little touch by slowly and carefully touching his lower chest, which is right above his legs. Remember to keep your cool and patience as you deal with your cute friend. Nicely and slightly rub your finger upon his chest up and down as you say ‘step up’ or ‘up.’ Do not use a longer phrase as he will not be able to understand what you are saying. Repeat these words for as long as he is still being attentive to you. Apply a little more pressure if he does not respond. When he does not seem to pay attention, stop the training for now and try it again the next day. Give your pet time to rest.

  4. Repeat the process. The exercise of putting your finger out for him to stand on must be repeated until he falls out of balance and finally stands on your finger. Do this a few more times until he gets the hang of it. Let your finger stand still for the first few times or your pet will lose balance.

Knowing how to train your bird can be a little tricky; however, you will feel accomplished when the deed is complete. You will enjoy witnessing him learn more tricks than just standing on your finger.


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