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How to Train Your Boxer Puppy

How to Train Your Boxer Puppy

It is in the nature of a boxer puppy to be playful and curious. These can sometimes lead it to become unruly and it is vital to correct its behavior as early as possible when it comes to this. Boxers are strong-willed and if your dog is allowed to demonstrate this trait, it can be fierce to humans. Learn how to train your boxer puppy based on the following guidelines:

  1. Crating must be the first step in training a puppy. Make a suitable crate and put a comfortable mat to rest on it. At first, you may observe some episodes of whining or crying - which is just a normal reaction for the new puppy when brought to an unfamiliar place. Do not lose your patience instead, just stay near it and wait until it stops whining.

  2. Produce a clicking sound to attract its focus while encouraging it to stay when saying “crate time”. Give it a small treat if it listens to you. Keep doing this method but stay a little bit further the next day. Make the same click sound again when you want it to listen to your command.

    ooner or later, the boxer will feel secured in its crate and it will jump alone into it when it needs to rest. By this time, it has established its comfort zone.

  3. Take advantage of the effective clicker system in order to do better in other commands but use other sounds. For example, click your two fingers and say “potty time”, then open the crate and say “out now” and lead it right away to go out to potty. Wait until it finishes its business. If it eliminates successfully, praise it cheerfully like “good boy or good job”. Command the puppy again to go back to its crate while uttering “crate time” and when it obeys you, bring out a treat to motivate it to continue its good moves.  Repeat the same command and procedure few times daily until it’s used to the system.

  4. Spend quality time in playing and bonding with the pup. Boxers are athletic dogs. They are also enthusiastic to follow commands once you have established a good leadership as its human master. Make sure to spend quality time with your boxer while teaching it with basic commands.

  5. You may go out and have a short walk every day and spend more time in the weekend to bond and play in public places. A boxer puppy needs to burn its energy in order to grow healthy and sturdy.  Teach it to catch ball or find a ball to exercise its ability to detect using its senses. Reprimand it at once when it tends to attack people. Anticipate future danger when disciplining the dog.

  6. Support your training with lots of encouragement and rewards. Kind gestures and tasty treat are helpful techniques. Be more creative in preparing treats. You may use a bigger treat when it accomplished its housebreaking rules. Therefore, you should have varieties of treats for different achievements.

  7. Use a leash to help to control your puppy’s behavior. Boxers are aggressive when it’s too excited. Do not tolerate harsh actions from the dog as they can be dangerous if allowed to persist. Get it involved with the rest of the members of your family. Once the puppy is adjusted to people, teach it to walk nicely along with you or your children.

Establishing a well-planned training method will be helpful to mold a well-mannered boxer pet. Let this article be your guide on how to train your boxer puppy – a good way to begin your journey as a responsible dog owner.


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