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How to Train Your Dog Not to Bite

How to Train Your Dog Not to Bite

Knowing how to train your dog not to bite is very important.  This training affects its attitude as it grows into adulthood.  Your dog can cause problems if it tries to bite your visitors or even your neighbors outside of the house. Although it is not your fault, you are responsible for your pet’s behavior.  Here are steps you can seriously consider:

  1. Start the training while your pet dog is still young. This should be initiated prior to weaning. Give it a chance to play with its siblings. Puppies play rough with one another. When one is bitten hard by another, it tends to yelp and stop playing. Imitate this when your puppy bites you during play. Yelp like another puppy and stop playing. Your dog will understand the gesture and it will not do it again.

  2. Say “no” sternly when the dog bites you while playing. Withdraw from playing and ignore it for a while. Resume playing and if it still bites, spray the dog with water. Be careful not to hit its eyes with the water. Your intention is not to hurt your dog - just to startle it and make it stop biting.

    t wrestle with your dog while playing. This makes it overly aggressive and encourages it to bite hard.

  3. Make your pet dog socialize a lot. Encourage neighbors to drop by once in a while. Let your dog meet them. Show your dog they are not people to fear. It is natural for dogs to bark and sometimes bite strangers. Making your pet get used to strangers like the mailman, newspaper boy, delivery boy or your friends and relatives will make it less panicky when they come around.

  4. Do not let young children go near your dog right away. Make sure your dog gets used to being with kids first. Put it on a leash and walk around the children’s playground. Some kids are playful and tend to hurt dogs, which might send the wrong signals to the animals. A dog will, of course, get mad and instinctively retaliate by biting. To avoid any unwanted incidents, make sure an adult is with the child if he or she wants to get near your pet dog. Encourage the child to just gently pet and touch your dog on the back - avoiding the mouth area.

  5. Consult a professional if your dog bites without reason. Perhaps it is irritable by whatever discomfort or pain it is bearing. Prepare your pet for a thorough check up with your vet and seek professional advice. Some dogs are depressed and when startled they bite on impulse. Consider it dangerous, and put your dog on a leash at all times. Your pet might be facing a mental disorder and pose a threat to you and those around you.

It may be natural for a dog to bite as most of its activities are done with its mouth.  However, biting should be discouraged at all costs. It can become a habit that is hard to correct.  As the pet owner, you take full responsibility for your pet’s action. It will be an added stress for you to deal with people being bitten by your pet dog. Therefore, remember the steps on how to train your dog not to bite.


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