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How to Train Your Parakeet to Do Tricks

How to Train Your Parakeet to Do Tricks

One of the most popular pet birds since the 1800s has been the parakeet. They are easy to care for, colorful and not as big as other pet birds. Parakeets are also known as budgies, and they love to play and explore their surroundings. As a matter of fact, they do not need to be placed in cages at all times. They need to have space where they can fly around and move freely. Parakeets also enjoy playtime with their human companions and have big brains that are comparable to larger birds. If you are a parakeet owner, you should learn how to train your parakeet to do tricks as it can be a form of stress relief and can bring delight to you and others. Here are ways to train your parakeet:

  1. Earn the trust of your parakeet. You need to gain the trust of your parakeet before you can teach him anything. Let him be familiar and at ease with your voice and your presence by spending time talking to him. When he is already familiar with your voice, you can go to the next level of reaching into his cage, gently touching him and slowly placing him on your palm.

    You can entice him to come to you with a happy treat.

  2. Start with teaching him how to step up. You will be amused at how your parakeet will respond while he sits on your finger when you gently press another finger from your other hand. His initial reaction will be to step up and stand on the other finger. Reward him with a treat when he accomplishes this trick. Repeat the process until he automatically responds to this gesture.

  3. Train him to come when he is called. When he becomes too comfortable with being outside his cage, let him stay on the perch or on top of his cage for a few hours. As he sits there, start training him to come to you as he is called by standing about a step or two away. Put a little bird treat on one hand while you extend the other, as if you are just next to him. Call out his name until he responds to you and flies towards you.

  4. Parakeets can speak too. Although they can accommodate fewer vocabulary words compared to some parrots, they can still repeat and mimic words and sounds of animals. You can teach your parakeet to speak a few chosen words, which need to be repeated when around them.

  5. Teach him to go through an obstacle course. You can use different sizes and shapes of safe bird toys to create an obstacle course on top of a table for the bird to go through. You can use ladders, bells, swings and other attractive toys that can catch the attention of your parakeet. You can use bird treats at every step of the course to encourage him to push further and finish the race. Set up simpler courses first like letting a ladder lean against a pile of books while a treat awaits him on top of the books. Slowly extend the course as you go along with the training.

Learning how to train your parakeet to do tricks can be both amusing to you and interesting to the bird. It will keep you occupied and create a stronger bonding experience between the two of you. It will also stimulate the mind of the bird.


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