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How to Train Your Parrot

How to Train Your Parrot How to Train Your Parrot

Parrots are special kinds of birds because they can do so many tricks that may overwhelm even their human companions. Parrots are intelligent, playful, colorful and musical creatures. Many species of birds, such as lovebirds, macaws and lorikeets, are considered parrots. Although there are many species of birds under the parrot category, there are significant similarities that can be found between them. They all have curved beaks and their feet have four toes each, two pointing forward and the other two pointing backward.  If you have a parrot, you can be sure that your home is insect-free as parrots feed on them, as well as seeds, nuts, fruits, flowers and buds. Parrots can be trained to do quite a few tricks like stepping up, responding to your call, and even talking. Learning how to train your parrot can also increase the bond between you and your cute pet bird. Here are ways you can train your parrot:

  1. Establish a good relationship with your pet. Before you can train your pet, the first requirement to fulfill is to have a good relationship with your pet.

    Teach him to recognize your voice and let him be comfortable with your presence. Take time to talk to your parrot and spend as much time as you can with him.

  2. Take it easy with training. Your parrot is an intelligent creature and can pick up every command and instruction that you give him. However, just like teaching your child, you need to start by giving simple instructions to your parrot until he gets the hang of it. Parrots that are accustomed to you and treat you as a ‘flock mate’ will eventually communicate with you and catch your attention. He is also very keen in examining and observing his environment. It is also natural for your parrot to create verbal contact with you.

  3. Training must be free of distractions. When you teach your bird to talk or step up, put him in a place where he can concentrate on nothing else but you. Turn off the television and let the place be free from other pets and family members that do not seem to be helpful in teaching your bird tricks. Your parrot will notice the emotion and gusto in the way you say words, so say them as loud and as clear as possible.

  4. The bird’s first words must be good. There are words and sounds that are easy to teach, especially because your parrot is a natural mimic. Repeat a word or phrases with two to three syllables over and over again near your parrot and he will follow or echo what you say. You can also use a tape recorder and have it played even when you are not inside the house.  Do this during the early morning or early evening; these times tend to be the best time to teach your parrot to talk.

Parrots are pet birds that are full of life and enthusiasm. They create sounds that they hear and respond to calls promptly. Be amazed at how your parrot reacts to you as you learn how to train your parrot to speak and do a lot of tricks.


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