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how to transmit HIV

how to transmit HIV

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, commonly known as AIDS, has become one of the most feared diseases since its discovery in 1980s. The disease starts to develop when a person is infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. Once the virus attacks the T-cells and takes them over, the virus becomes undetectable by the body’s immune system. To forestall the development of AIDS, the ways on how to transmit HIV must first be studied and then avoided. As explained on hivsymptomsonline.com, the common symptoms of HIV include sudden weight loss, recurring fever, dry cough, unexplainable fatigue, pneumonia, persisting diarrhea, memory loss, swollen lymph glands (neck, armpit and groin) and depression. Even if it is hard to detect the virus, these symptoms should not be taken lightly, especially if the patient has been previously exposed to HIV risk factors. Let's study how the virus is transmitted.

  1. Practicing unsafe sex. Vaginal secretions and semen are the prime carriers of HIV. This is the most common way of transmitting the virus.

    By practicing unsafe sex, like having sexual contact with multiple partners and neglecting to use a latex condom as protection, the risk of transmitting HIV is increased. Once the vaginal secretions enter the urethra of the penis or once the semen touches the vaginal walls of the woman, the virus has already set in.

  2. Engaging in anal sex. The anal region is more sensitive than the vagina, and it can easily sustain injuries during anal sexual intercourse. Thus, male to male and male to female anal sexual intercourse can lead to the spreading of HIV. The blood secreted by the injured area can spread the virus too.

  3. Practicing oral sex. This sexual practice is common not only between gays, but between male and female couples too. When the semen of the HIV-infected person is swallowed by the sexual partner, infection follows. Also, if the penis has an injury, the blood secreted from the injured area is a prime carrier of HIV.

  4. Sharing of syringes and needles. This type of HIV transmission is common among drug addicts. The main carrier of the HIV is obviously the blood of the infected person. Once an HIV-infected person uses a syringe, and the same is shared to another person, the virus is immediately passed on.

  5. Becoming pregnant. This is true among HIV-infected women. When an infected woman becomes pregnant and no antiviral medications are taken, the virus can be transferred to the fetus inside her womb.

  6. Breastfeeding. HIV-infected mothers are not supposed to breastfeed their infant. Breast milk, like semen and vaginal secretions, contains HIV. The lactating mother easily transmits the virus to the innocent infant. Impliedly, it is not advisable for HIV-infected women to become pregnant.

  7. Unsafe tattoo and body piercing. An unsterilized tattoo kit and unsafe body piercing materials can transmit HIV-infected blood to an unsuspecting client. Be extra careful in doing these kinds of body arts. Make sure that the needles and piercing tools are sterile.

  8. Non-observance of sexual abstinence. Sexual abstinence is one of the safest ways not to acquire or transmit the virus. A person may get lucky in the first sexual contact, but during succeeding contacts, the virus can set in. This is especially true if multiple sexual partners are maintained.

To stay HIV-free, the ways on how to transmit HIV must be avoided. Prevention is always better than a cure. Stay on guard and do not be fooled by worldly pleasures. Be responsible by practicing safe sex.


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