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How to Travel to Bangladesh

How to Travel to Bangladesh

Bangladesh may not have its fair share of tourists unlike its neighboring South Asian countries like Nepal and India, but this is an area that is worthy to be explored. It lies just between South Asia and Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar in the southeast and the Bay of Bengal in the south. What most people do not know is the Bangladesh has hundreds of beautiful rivers and lakes, as well as lush hills and tropical rainforests. It houses the world’s largest mangrove forest recognized as a World Heritage site. Aside from the sights, what really makes Bangladesh stand out is its rich cultural tradition seen in its native tribes and relics of ancient Buddhist civilization. If you want to learn how to travel to Bangladesh, here are some tips that you need to remember:

  1. Getting to Bangladesh. In order to travel to Bangladesh, you need a visa. However, there are countries that do not require visas to enter Bangladesh, including Botswana, Ireland, and Mauritius, just to name a few. The main gateway to Bangladesh is through Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, with its national carrier, Biman Airlines.

    There are also several airlines that have direct flights to Dhaka, such as the Qatar Airways and Tiger Airways. If you want to enter Bangladesh by land, you can enter through the borders in India: Kolkata, Siliguri, and Agartala.

  2. Seeing the sights in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is actually a very rich tourist spot, since its offers a variety of sights to see, like archaeological ruins, mosques and historic monuments, beaches, forests, and wildlife. Do not forget to visit Sundarbans, the aforementioned largest mangrove forest in the world. Bangladesh also has the world’s longest sandy beach, Cox’s Bazar. Those who want to go hiking may do so on Keokradong Peak, Bangladesh’s highest peak. If you want to get in touch with nature, you can visit the tropical forest of Lawachara National Park. You can also engage in a variety of activities, like water skiing, river cruising, surfing, and hiking.

  3. Shopping and eating. The Bangladesh Taka is the official currency of the country. Prices are relatively cheap in this country, since one dollar is around 77 taka as of July 2013. You can haggle at the local markets since prices are not fixed. You may also visit famous shopping areas like the Dhaka College and Banga Bazaar, where you can buy famous brands like Nike, Levis, and Adidas. Bangladesh is the largest supplier of the garments these brands use, so you might be able to get a bargain for these brands. As for the food, you can try lots of fish and vegetable dishes in Bangladesh. Since it is a Muslim country, nightlife is almost non-existent in this country.

  4. Deciding where to stay. Bangladesh offers many accommodation options ranging from budget hotels to higher-end accommodations. Do not expect very high quality accommodations since its quality is considerably lower than those of nearby destinations like Thailand and India. You can stay for as cheap as 50 takas per night in a double room, to as high as 5000 takas per night.

  5. Always stay safe. Although the Bangladesh locals are open and friendly to tourists, the country has a high poverty rate and there are con artists who try to exploit foreigners. It is best for women to wear conservative clothing, since Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country. Avoid drinking tap water and eating street food, and exercise common sense in everything that you do in Bangladesh.

Learning how to travel to Bangladesh will enable you explore and enjoy the untapped tourist spots in this country.


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