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How to Travel to Ethiopia

How to Travel to Ethiopia

If you have not yet stepped foot in Africa, the country of Ethiopia is a good place for you to start, since there are many natural and historical attractions waiting for you there. It is the oldest independent nation in Africa with a heritage dating as far back as the first century A.D. Aside from the country’s rich history, you can also get a taste of the African wildlife with Ethiopia’s natural tourist attractions, such as the Awash National Park and Simien Mountains National Park. However, planning your trip to Ethiopia can be a little nerve-racking, as there are certain things that you need to consider before finally getting there. Here, then, are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind in order to know how to travel to Ethiopia:

  1. Get a visa going to Ethiopia. Unless you are from Kenya, you need a visa in order to enter the Ethiopian territory. You can get a single entry tourist visa from your local Ethiopian embassy or upon arrival at Ethiopia’s Bole International Airport. Aside from a visa, it is also important that you show a return ticket upon arrival at the airport so that the authorities know that you are a tourist in the country.


  2. Schedule your trip. The date you should schedule your trip largely depends on what you are planning to do in Ethiopia. If you want to visit the historical circuit in Lalibela, Bahir Dar, and Gondar, it is advisable to visit the country between the months of October and March. These are also the months that are perfect for trekking. If you want to attend Ethiopia’s major festivals like Meskel, you need to go there during the last weeks of September or the first weeks of October. For the Timkat festival, you can go in mid-January. The rainy season is from June to September, which is the prime time to get the best travel deals.

  3. Pack your clothes according to the climate. Since Ethiopia is an elevated country, the temperature is rather cool, rarely exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the low-lying areas like Omo, Awash, and Mago parks can get considerably hot. Make sure you pack light clothes for morning, and wear sweaters and jackets in the evening. Also pack a pair of walking shoes, regardless of whether you are going trekking or not since the historical sites usually have uneven roads. Those who are planning to trek in the Bale and Simian Mountains should wear warm clothes and bring sleeping bags. In general, Ethiopians are conservative when it comes to their clothing, so you should also pack conservative outfits, especially if you are going to visit places of worship like mosques and churches.

  4. Get immunized prior to the trip. You should have a yellow fever vaccination before going to Ethiopia. Hence, you should have a certificate showing that you had this immunization prior to the trip. It is also recommended to have vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B, polio, and typhoid fever. There is no need to worry about malaria because of the high altitude, but bring and apply mosquito repellants just in case. Also bring a first aid kit with you.

  5. Choose your travel method. There are several ways to enter Ethiopia, depending on where you came from. You can ride the Ethiopian Airlines, which is one of the best airlines in Africa. You can also travel by road if you are coming from Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, and Somaliland.

It is essential to keep the aforementioned things in mind about how to travel to Ethiopia in order to get the best out of your travel in this stunning country.


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