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How to Travel to Hong Kong

How to Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is technically under the People’s Republic of China as one of its Special Administrative Regions; however, it is highly independent and has its own laws and currency, among other things. These tips for how to travel to Hong Kong will show you that travelling there is not quite the same as travelling to China. Britain and Japan both colonized Hong Kong, so it has Western and Eastern influences that are different from the rest of China. This makes Hong Kong an attractive place to jet off to for a good time.

  1. Book

    It is comparatively easy to book a flight and travel to Hong Kong as a tourist if you are an American citizen. All you need is a U.S. passport that is valid for at least one month after your intended stay. You won’t even need a visa. However, if your Hong Kong trip is part of a tour of other Asian countries, make sure that your passport is valid for six months or longer because that is the requirement for most Asian countries.

    There are no immunization requirements unless you came from another country that has been known to have incidences of yellow fever, such as South America or Africa.

    f you have travelled to those two continents previously, be prepared to present evidence of a yellow fever vaccination. If you have a weak stomach or liver, you might want to immunize yourself against Hepatitis A. A flu shot is also recommended.

  2. Carry

    There are some items that are denied entry to Hong Kong that may surprise you. These include medications, animals, plants, ivory, paintball guns, and counterfeit products. Check with the Hong Kong consulate or embassy before you leave should you have prescribed medication and other items that you need to bring along with you. This way, you can consult them on whether you can bring the item and whether they will issue a permit for you. For example, if you would like to bring along your pet dog, you will need to provide valid health and vaccination certificates plus other documents.

  3. Go

    Carry your passport with you at all times since visitors can be taken in for questioning if their passports are not in their possession. Hong Kong has an admirably low crime rate, but petty crimes and crimes of opportunity can happen, so guard yourself accordingly. These minor crimes include pickpocketing and theft, so watch out and keep yourself out of trouble by staying alert. Hong Kong has a widely-used, inexpensive, and efficient public transportation system, which the majority of people use, so keep an eye out for your belongings, especially during rush hour.

    To protect yourself from the small, annoying mosquitoes, lather mosquito-repellent on your exposed skin at least twice and day and sleep under a mosquito net at night if you are in areas close to water or forests. Do not drink the tap water unless you have boiled it for three minutes or have filtered it using water-purifying tablets. Drinking bottled water is recommended.

    While in Hong Kong, you will have easy access to ATMs linked to international systems; therefore you should have no problem withdrawing money from your bank account. When using an international credit card, make sure that the amount states HK$, otherwise you will be charged in U.S. dollars. Be aware that while charging extra if you pay using a credit card is prohibited, some vendors get around it by offering lower prices if you pay in cash.

With these tips on how to travel to Hong Kong, you might be enticed to travel to there at the earliest opportunity. The best time to travel to Hong Kong is between October and December, since the temperatures are a bit lower while the sun is out. During other months, it might be too hot, too humid, or too rainy.


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