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How to Travel to Japan

How to Travel to Japan

Japan is a country in the East that has distinguished itself for having, among other things, a culture that is quite diverse in that it is both traditional and ultra-modern. If you travel to Japan, you can visit their serene temples, marvel at the beautifully-designed paper doors, and learn how to do origami, which is the Japanese art of folding paper. On the flip side, Japan has interesting areas where you can see young people dressing outrageously, geeks flocking into buildings filled with high-end gadgets, and drivers drifting in too-fast, souped-up cars. Here are some tips for how to travel to Japan.

  1. Research right

    The first site to check is your country’s consular affairs website, which can be referenced with Japan’s official foreign affairs site. For Americans travelling to Japan as tourists or on business for 90 days or less, you will not need a visa. Prepare your passport, which must be valid throughout your stay, and make sure you have your tickets both to and from Japan.

    Japan is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis since it is located in a very seismically active area.

    earn what you can about earthquake and disaster preparedness prior to your trip for the area in Japan that you will visit. You might also book your hotel with this in mind.

    There are no required vaccinations for entering Japan; however, you might want to be immunized for flu, tetanus, measles, mumps, and diphtheria. If you’ll go to a rural area in Japan, you might want to get Hepatitis A and Japanese encephalitis shots.

  2. Pack for preparedness

    Feel free to bring your over-the-counter medication and vitamins in their original, clearly-labeled containers. There are some restrictions on certain medicines such as inhalers and insulin, so consult with a nearby Japanese embassy or consulate on how you can bring medicines that are necessary for you. You might need a letter from your doctor listing your medicines and why they are necessary. Bring extra medicine in case of theft or loss of luggage. If you are prone to motion sickness, bring some medicine for it since the flight to and from Japan is a long one.

    Not many places in Japan have English-speaking staff. You might want to bring a travel-friendly book or download an app on your gadget with English and Japanese translations of basic conversations and facilities.

  3. Experience the East

    Given the long flight, you should exercise your limbs from time to time by getting up and walking for a bit on the plane. Not only will this keep your blood flowing, you will also prepare your muscles for the exciting tours and shops ahead, which will involve a lot of walking.

    One of the first things to find out upon arriving in Japan is what disaster preparedness measures your hotel and local government have in place. Ask about the emergency exits and evacuation areas and know what to do when the alarm for an earthquake, tsunami, or typhoon has been raised.

    When in Japan, as in other places, practice personal safety measures such as securing your belongings, especially your passport. The cost of living is high in Japan and not all establishments may accept credit cards or debit cards, especially if they are foreign-issued. While this might mean that you’ll be carrying more cash than usual, secure it by distributing it around your person and bags. Be vigilant when using your credit cards in entertainment venues and bars to prevent possible credit card fraud. Be careful when accepting drinks from strangers.

Japan is a safe country to travel to with high-quality facilities in the urban areas. Given its culture, there are some aspects that might need getting used to, such as sitting on the floor to eat. Armed with your common sense and with these tips on how to travel to Japan, you will be prepared and will have a fun time there.


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