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How to Travel to Jordan

How to Travel to Jordan

The Middle East has a reputation for being conservative in terms of religion, since this area is a predominantly Muslim area. However, if you want to travel to a Middle Eastern country that has the most liberal views among its neighbors with regard to Muslim and Christian relations, then you should try paying a visit to Jordan, a land-locked country surrounded by Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Portions of the famous Red Sea and the Dead Sea can also be found in Jordan. Tourists flock to Jordan because of the ancient city of Petra, so if you want to pay this city a visit, here are some basic guidelines on how to travel to Jordan.

  1. Getting to Jordan. Those coming from non-Arab countries need a visa to enter Jordan. You may enter Jordan by plane through its flagship carrier, Royal Jordanian Airlines. Other airways also fly to Jordan and other countries in the Middle East, including British Airways and Delta Airlines. There are three international airports in Jordan: Queen Alia International Airport, King Hussein International Airport found in Aqaba, and Marka International Airport located in East Amman.

    Entering Jordan from Syria is strongly discouraged because of an ongoing civil war. You may also enter Jordan by way of Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia via car.

  2. Plan your itinerary. One of the places that you must visit in Jordan is the Archaeological Ruins at Petra, also known as the “Rose Red City.” This is a well-known ancient city in the south of Jordan and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most tourists visit Jordan just to see this famous place. Petra was once an important center for trade and commerce during the year 106 AD. Another site that tourists love to visit in Jordan is the Dead Sea, famous for its hypersalinated water that allows you to float on its surface. You could also get to the Bedouin Meditation Camp in Wadi Rum, a World Heritage Protected Area, where you get to experience the Bedouin culture and watch the beautiful sunset.

  3. Decide where to stay. Jordan’s capital Amman has an abundance of 4- to 5-star hotels. If you want cheaper accommodations, you can go to downtown Amman for a variety of 1- to 3-star hotels. If you are planning for a long stay, you can get furnished apartments ranging from 200 to 600 Jordanian dinars per month.

  4. Always be cautious. Jordan is a very safe country compared to other countries in the Middle East. Always have your passport with you especially when you are going to visit the areas adjacent to its borders. Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Jordan allows its women to wear Western-style clothing, so you are free to wear casual clothes without fear of harassment. However, you should always wear modest clothing when visiting rural and more conservative areas. In addition, keep in mind that Jordan is a Muslim nation, so acts like public displays of affection and homosexuality might appear rude and offensive.

If you want to visit the Middle East, Jordan is a good country to start with. Not only will you be able to see the famous Petra and Dead Sea, but you can also enjoy meeting hospitable Jordanians who are happy to assist you in your travels. Furthermore, visiting the country is completely safe, unless there are some travel advisories against travel to Jordan in your home country. Just always keep in mind the basic guidelines on how to travel to Jordan, and you will have no worries whatsoever.


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