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How to Travel to Kenya

How to Travel to Kenya

Kenya is a developing country situated in East Africa. It is widely known for its safaris and national parks because it is blessed with 90% of the world’s wildlife.  Popular parks include the Nairobi National Park, located in the capital city, Samburu National Park, and Tsavo National Park. Visitors also flock to Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria for the flamingos and steam jets originating underground. Most tourist spots, including the capital city of Nairobi, are equipped with tourist-friendly facilities.  The beauty of the Kenyan landscape plus the tourist-friendly amenities are the reasons why tourism contributes to almost 60% of the GDP of the country. Here are tips on how to travel to Kenya.

  1. Preparing for your trip

    Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after the end of your visit to Kenya. In addition, make sure that you have at least two blank or stamp-free pages on your passport. This ensures that you have enough pages for the immigration and travel-related stamps en route to Kenya and upon arrival.

    ide from your passport, you will also need a visa to visit Kenya. You can get the visa in advance if you don’t want to get delayed at the airport once you get there or if you like the peace of mind that comes from having the visa ready. If you are not in a hurry, you can obtain the visa once you arrive in Kenya.

    While a certificate of yellow fever vaccination is not required for all visitors, it is recommended that you get yourself immunized against this disease. Some visitors have been turned away by immigration for failing to provide proof of vaccination. It is advisable to pack mosquito-repellent lotion or spray and anti-malarial medication.

    Monitor local and foreign news reports regarding Kenya prior to your trip. This way, you can prepare accordingly and you will have an idea on what to pack. There have been some reports of Kenyan banks not accepting old U.S. dollars, so you might want to make sure you bring new currency on your trip.

  2. Travelling in Kenya

    Once you arrive in Kenya, take the time to check in at your country’s embassy. This way, they have a record of you and can connect you with loved ones back home if necessary.

    While records of violence such as tribal conflicts or demonstrations occur in rural areas far from the tourist spots, it is still best not to wander far from the safari grounds or urban areas. As with any other trip, practice security measures such as storing valuables in a hotel safe and avoiding going out at night alone. Another precaution is to limit the amount of valuables and cash you have on you as you go around, due to pickpockets and thieves. You can distribute cash into different pockets so that you won’t be empty-handed if you fall victim to theft. Wear little to no jewelry that will tempt thieves to snatch them from you. Make sure that you only make financial transactions with reputable businesses, and you do not purchase counterfeit goods.

    If you are travelling with other people, note that public displays of affection, whether between people of the opposite or the same sex, are met with disapproval. Keep in mind that Kenya has a conservative culture. There are regulations concerning smoking and drinking alcohol in public that you might want to follow to avoid arrest and imprisonment.

Kenya’s diverse wildlife and natural landscapes will bring you delight on your trip. With this article’s tips on how to travel to Kenya, you will have a safe and memorable tour. Don’t forget to pack safari-appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes.


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