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How to Travel to Mongolia

How to Travel to Mongolia

Just when you thought all of humanity has finally settled and forgotten about nomadic life, you visit Mongolia and realize that this is not the case for them. Located in the northern part of China, Mongolia has a population density of only about 4.4 people per square mile, hence making it the country with the lowest population in the entire world. This vast emptiness is what makes Mongolia appealing for many tourists who are looking for a place where they can have a close communion with nature. That’s why this country is known by the name, “Land of Blue Skies.” If you want to visit the almost untouched country Mongolia, here are some tips on how to travel to Mongolia:

  1. Getting to Mongolia. Most nationalities require a visa to enter Mongolia, although there are a select few who can enter visa-free for around 14 to 90 days. Those who still need visas can easily get them through the Mongolian embassy in their country. Those without a Mongolian embassy or consulate in their country can apply for a visa at the Mongolian borders, three on the Russian side and one on the Chinese border.

    you are going to enter Mongolia by plane, you can fly to the capital Ulaanbaatar via the national airline, Mongolian Airlines, which has daily flights to and from Beijing and Seoul. It is actually easier to go to Mongolia by train from Vladivostok, Russia or Beijing, China.

  2. Planning your itinerary. It is better to book with a travel agency do-it-yourself travel can be pretty tiring, considering the bad transportation means in the country. However, once you have a tour group, you can plan your itinerary based on the region of Mongolia that you want to explore since Mongolia is a pretty huge country. Nature lovers will enjoy the picturesque views of Lake Khovsgol, Selenge River, and even the famous Gobi Desert. You may also hike on Uran Uul, an extinct volcano covered in lush greenery. Rejuvenate in the open-air Tsenkher Hot Springs while surrounded by mountain scenery. Those who want to see archaeological treasures can visit Bayan Olgii.

  3. Shopping and eating in Mongolia. Don’t forget to buy Mongolian cashmere, which is known as the best cashmere in the world. Local artists also sell paintings at reasonable prices. If you want to find real bargains, visit Mongolia’s black market, Narantuul in Ulaanbaatar, which offers the lowest prices on just about anything, even Russian-style boots. The currency in Mongolia is known as the tugrik, and one US dollar is equivalent to about 1,474 tugrik as of July 2013. As for the food, Mongolian specialties include mutton or sheep, as well as the bodog or goat barbecue.

  4. Finding a place to stay. You can stay in cheap guesthouses for less than $10, but these are usually fully booked during the tourist season so you have to make prior reservations. You can also choose western-style accommodations, but they also come with western standard prices. Tour companies set up ger-camps, which are spaces they rent out for independent travellers. You can also pitch a tent almost anywhere, since all of the land except those in the cities and larger towns are publicly owned.

If you want a safe and laidback travel experience, you need to learn how to travel to Mongolia. It is generally safe to travel there, although you need to take note of cultural differences with the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, and always pay them due respect so that you do not unwittingly insult or offend them.


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