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How to Travel to Nepal

How to Travel to Nepal

Nepal is where you can find Mount Everest and other breathtaking mountains in the Himalayan range. No mountain climber worth his salt will consider his career complete without visiting this small, landlocked South Asian nation. Eight of the world’s ten highest peaks are found right here. However, even if you aren’t a climber, Nepal certainly has a lot to offer. The adventurous traveler will find a thrill in river rafting, trekking, or elephant-riding—all set against a backdrop of majestic nature. The people of Nepal are known as very friendly and hospitable, which always makes being a tourist much more pleasant. Here’s how to travel to Nepal:

  1. There are three visa classifications for tourists to Nepal: free visa, visa on arrival, and visa in advance. Visitors with passports issued by member nations of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) no longer have to pay any fees to obtain a visa. Visitors with passports issued by Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan are not qualified for the visa-on-arrival option; they have to obtain their visa before their arrival in Nepal.

    izens of all other countries can obtain a tourist visa upon their arrival at a designated land border.

  2. The cost of a tourist visa depends on the length of stay. A 15-day visa has a fee of $25; for 30 days, it is $40; and for 90 days, the fee is $100. All tourist visas allow for multiple entries and exits within the validity period. Take note that doing voluntary work on a tourist visa without government permission is considered a punishable offense, even if it is pro bono and/or affiliated with an established NGO.

  3. To obtain a visa, you will need to submit a properly completed visa application form (you can download this at the Nepal Immigration website), a disembarkation form, and a recent passport-sized photo along with your fee (if applicable). Application for advance visas will have to be submitted at the nearest Nepalese embassy or consulate in your country, while visas upon arrival can be applied for at designation counters at the point of entry.

  4. Unless you are coming in from India, the most convenient way to fly in is from Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong. Nepal only has one international airport: the Tribhuvan International Airport located just outside the Ring Road in the capital Kathmandu. It is just a one-room brick building with a large wooden table serving a dual purpose as a customs and immigration desk.

  5. Tourists who are coming into Nepal through India can travel by car, by motorcycle, or by bus. A train line runs between Sirsiya and Raxaul, but foreigners are not allowed to cross borders via trains. The entry and exit points for tourists are (a) Kakarvitta in Eastern Nepal; (b) Birganj in Central Nepal; (c) Kodari at the Northern Border; (d) Belahia in Western Nepal; (e) Jamunaha in Midwestern Nepal; and (f) Mohana or (g) Gadda Chauki, which are both in Far Western Nepal.

Aside from visa considerations, don’t forget to ask your travel agency for any questions that you may have about how to travel to Nepal. For instance, although it is easy to exchange U.S. dollars for the local currency, the same does not apply to Indian rupee notes since their circulation is prohibited in Nepal. Global climate changes have been playing havoc with the weather, but generally, Nepal has four distinct seasons. From June to September, there are heavy monsoon rains, and the mountain peaks are generally hidden behind clouds. This is Nepal’s off season for tourists. Winter is between January and March. The best periods for visiting the mountain areas are during the dry, warm weather between April and June and during the clear, cool weather from October to December.


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