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How to Travel to Nigeria

How to Travel to Nigeria

Nigeria is a developing country located in West Africa. It takes its name from the Niger River, which flows through it. Its tourism can be classified into two types: natural sights, such as national parks, and cultural celebrations, which can be experienced during its festivals. The popular parks are Yankari, Cross River, and Old Oyo National Parks. A tourist travelling to Abuja, the capital, will not help but notice the gigantic Aso Rock which towers over the government buildings. The Nigerian followers of Islam celebrate the Durbar festival in their cities; this is the most popular seasonal tourist attraction. Should you wish to travel there and witness the sights, here are tips on how to travel to Nigeria.

  1. Preparation for the trip

    Aside from your passport, a Nigerian visa is required for all travelers to the country. It is advisable that you procure the visa prior to your trip. It is also highly likely that you will be asked for a certificate proving that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

    Note that contracting malaria is possible in Nigeria; however, it’s the kind that cannot be combated by taking the anti-malarial chloroquine. Pack mosquito-repellent lotion for use on your trip, as well as anti-malarial medicines Lariam and Malarone.

    While it is highly recommended that you avoid known conflict areas, it may be possible that you will visit areas where security and safety is not guaranteed. In this case, it is best to consult with local authorities for guidance on allowable activities and restrictions. For example, foreign visitors to Nigeria will need permission to take pictures of or videotape government buildings and infrastructure, including airports and bridges. Include in your preparation extensive research about the area you will visit and read security warnings. In some areas, local conflict and crime have not been minimized enough for the site to be safe for visitors.

    Unfortunately, scams from Nigeria or involving Nigerian nationals have been so prevalent that they are the stuff of jokes. When dealing with Nigerian offices over the phone, be wary of offers that are highly suspicious, especially those that ask for a large sum of money in return for promised investment riches or people posing as distressed and seeking financial aid.

  2. Touring in Nigeria

    Upon arrival, check in with the nearest consulate or embassy of your country. This way, you will stay informed on important announcements during your trip. In case of emergencies, when your loved ones from home are unable to reach you personally, the embassy or consulate can assist them.

    As much as possible, avoid travelling outside of major cities when it’s dark. The roads may not be well-lit enough to avoid accidents. There might also be power outages that put out the traffic lights, or rains that render some streets impassable. The best way to get around in Nigeria is to rent a car with a driver who is knowledgeable of the area.

    Do not buy pirated goods. While they are prevalent in many countries, including Nigeria, you might be penalized for bringing them back into your country. This is the same for exotic items that are actually illegal for trading, either within Nigeria or in your country, so research in advance as necessary. Nigeria is a cash economy, so take precautions in keeping your cash safe, placing it in multiple locations for safekeeping. Using your credit card is not advisable as well, unless you are using it at upscale hotels.

While travelling to Nigeria necessitates more caution than is usual, it does not detract from the fact that Nigeria has picturesque, natural resources and lively festivals. This article on how to travel to Nigeria hopes to aid you in having a safe and enjoyable trip.


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