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How to Travel to Singapore

How to Travel to Singapore

Singapore is a highly-developed country and a former British colony. This makes it an ideal Asian destination since English is widely-spoken here. Also, facilities for tourists are modern and available in most places. Aside from the convenience, tourists will appreciate the efficient transportation system and will enjoy the theme parks. After completing the outdoor activities, Singapore’s cuisine will surely recharge you with its tasty fusion of Asian spices and Western tastes. Here are some tips for how to travel to Singapore.

  1. Read up

    A reading of the United States Consular Affairs website will show that you will only need a valid U.S. passport for tourist or business travels for up to 90 days. The passport must be valid for six months after the date you land in Singapore. If you fly in, you will be given a 30-day tourist visa versus a 14-day visa if you arrive by sea or land. Make sure that you can provide proof of a ticket out of Singapore, as well as a healthy bank account.

  2. Bring it

    Singapore can be strict on what it allows to enter its borders.

    Items that you may have forgotten that you have with you or you thought are allowed may be confiscated and will cause your arrest. Examples include a single bullet, handcuffs, or empty shell casings that you carry around as tokens, CDs or DVDs containing software, or religious materials. Check with a Singaporean Embassy or Consulate in your area if you are unsure about an item.

    Over-the-counter generic brand medicines are readily available there. It is highly recommended that you bring mosquito-repellent spray, lotion, or a patch to avoid mosquito-transmitted diseases. You are not required to receive any vaccines prior to the trip.

  3. Journey on

    Aside from the usual precautions on personal safety that all tourists should keep in mind, there aren’t any additional Singapore-specific circumstances that warrant additional security measures. Keep your valuables hidden and secure or in a hotel safe and take steps to prevent credit card fraud from happening to you. The crime rate in Singapore is low, but that doesn’t mean you should relax your vigilance against petty crimes and scams.

    On the flip side, be aware that the cleanliness and order in Singapore are mainly due to its strict enforcement of rules and regulations. Citizens and visitors have been arrested for littering, spitting, and jaywalking. Vandalism and immigration offences can have mandatory caning punishments. Those who have been subjected to a random drug test and failed may be given a death sentence. There are also laws against inappropriately touching other people. Smokers need to stick to the designated areas for smoking such as food stalls or street areas near a garbage bin. Remember to stay obedient to their laws while you are in their territory.

    Since the above admonitions keep you safe and secure in your travel experience, you are free to enjoy the many malls and markets in Singapore. ATMs are easy to find and most stores accept major credit cards. Some large shopping centers accept U.S. dollars and traveler’s checks. Note that merchants are prohibited from charging more if you are using a credit card, so report them to your credit card company if that happens to you. A great advantage of shopping in Singapore is the GST Tourist Refund Scheme. Pick up a brochure about it or inquire at customer assistance in the airport once you arrive to find out about the mechanics of this refund scheme.

In addition to these tips on how to travel to Singapore, you are also encouraged to visit the Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to dispel any ideas that the small size of Singapore can only fit skyscrapers and malls. You can get an aerial view of Singapore and its sights if you ride the Flyer, which is a massive Ferris wheel.   With these tips in mind, your trip is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable one.


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