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How to Travel to South Korea

How to Travel to South Korea

South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, is a modern democracy in Asia. It is different in temperament from its neighbor, North Korea. South Korea welcomes visitors to show them its mix of culture and technology, modern and traditional. The architecture there showcases the distinctive Korean style in some buildings while others rise to the skies in skyscrapers. Its natural vistas are perfect for hiking, sailing, and meditating in temples nestled in peaceful nooks. Here are some tips for how to travel to South Korea.

  1. Remember to research

    Americans will only need a valid U.S. passport for travelling to South Korea if they are travelling for leisure or for business up to 90 days. A Korean visa is required for other travel situations. An example would be travelling to Korea to model or to teach English. You may want to review the websites of the United States and South Korean Consular Affairs in case your circumstances warrant additional permissions. For example, if you’ve had liver problems, you may want to get immunized against Hepatitis A, which can be a problem in South Korea.


  2. Prepare and pack

    When preparing your medications, note that amphetamines and prescription narcotics are illegal in this country. If you have prescription medicines containing amphetamines, you will be asked for a “bring-in-permit letter.” Contact the Korean consulate or embassy near you. Make sure that your medicines and first aid kit are in their original containers and clearly labeled with their generic names and brand names. Bring documentation from the doctor certifying that the prescription drugs you’re taking are needed. If you are going to areas with a lot of water, such as the beach or rice paddies, you may want to bring insect and mosquito-repellent lotion or spray.

    Be informed that if you are bringing in pets or animal products such as meat, dairy, and egg products, they need to be declared upon your arrival at the airport. This scrutiny is because South Korea has rules to prevent the spread of diseases from livestock.

  3. Enjoy and experience

    Upon arriving at the airport in South Korea, be aware that officials may collect your biometric data such as fingerprints and a photo of your face for their records. There might be demonstrations happening at some government offices, which you would be wise to avoid. Similarly, there might be military exercises that you will hear about in the news. Be assured that this is common since South Korea is always preparing for any military attacks from North Korea.

    When going around, you might strain your neck while staring up at the beautiful sights. Be careful while crossing the roads since drivers can disregard pedestrian lanes or red lights. Other regulations that are not heavily implemented are the ones involving designated smoking and non-smoking areas. You will find modern tourist facilities in the popular destinations, but you may not see tourist information bureaus and prevalent English speakers outside of those sites. Prepare accordingly. It’s a good idea to have your hotel and destination sites written in the Korean language in case you get lost. Bring a map as well, since signs, street names, and numbers are not visible in most locales.

South Korea is well-developed enough to have the comforts of modern facilities and medical support. You will not have a problem with going around hassle-free, except for the language barrier, but you can take the opportunity to learn some conversational Korean along with these tips on how to travel to South Korea.


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