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How to Travel to Thailand

How to Travel to Thailand

Thailand is a favorite destination of travelers for its beautiful tropical locations and exotic culture. The cost of living is low, so your dollars will get you to more places. The Thai are friendly and serve a delicious, spice-laden cuisine. You can marvel at their many colorful Buddhist temples and see their worship areas and shrines around town. You can also wriggle your toes in their postcard-perfect beaches after getting a relaxing Thai massage. Here are some tips for how to travel to Thailand.

  1. Plan ahead

    Browsing through the United States and Thailand Consular Affairs websites will inform you that American tourists visiting Thailand for less than 30 days will not need a visa. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the start of your visit there. Without a visa, you can stay in Thailand for 30 days if you arrive by air and 15 days if you arrive by land from a neighboring country.

  2. Bring the right items

    When you need to bring personal medication with you, make sure that check with the nearest Thai embassy or consulate to make sure it is an approved medication to bring into Thailand.

    The amount should not exceed the supply for a 30-day stay. You can bring a first-aid kit and some basic medication such as painkillers or anti-diarrhea tablets. Note that you can easily buy medicines in Thailand without needing a prescription, but there is a risk that you may not find the exact brand you are used to.

    Regarding the clothes that you will need, you should pack comfortable and light clothing since Thailand is a tropical country. If you plan to visit religious sites, make sure to wear conservative clothing or put on a jacket or shawl before entering the temple as a sign of respect.

    You can also bring footwear and jackets in case it rains. Some parts of the country, especially those near rivers, are flooded during the rainy season. The risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue or hemorrhagic fever increases during this period, so be sure to slather mosquito repellent onto your skin at least twice a day. If you are travelling to Thailand from Africa or South America, vaccination against yellow fever might be required.

  3. Enjoy Thailand

    You may not be able to find a lot of fluent English-speakers in Thailand. However, there are tourist information bureaus near popular tourist sites that can help you in case you are lost or you have queries.

    There may be political demonstrations taking place in Thailand when you visit. These are generally peaceful, but it is recommended that you exercise caution and avoid these areas as much as possible. You will also avoid heavy traffic this way. Another personal safety measure to take is to secure your valuables with you, as tourists are prone to crimes of opportunity such as theft of mobile phones, wallets, and passports. Tourists are also targets of opportunistic drivers of taxicabs and “tuk-tuks,” or three-wheeled taxis, who charge exorbitant fares or divest passengers of their belongings. Be wary of possible scams that try to fool the gullible.

    You might not be aware that Thailand is officially named as the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. It has a monarchy or royal family that is protected by lèse majesté law. This means that any offense or insult to the monarchy is punished as a crime. Be careful when making comments verbally or posting about the royal family online.

It can be an exhilarating experience to travel to Thailand, especially as a tourist. It has a pleasant climate and displays an enticing glimpse of its culture through its brightly-patterned local costumes, energetic Muay Thai martial arts matches, and vibrant night market. With these tips on how to travel to Thailand, you will be able to enjoy the sights and avoid having a bad experience.


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