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How to Treat a Diabetic Cat

How to Treat a Diabetic Cat

Patience and extra care is definitely needed when your pet cat is diabetic.  It should not change your life considerably; you just need to impose some discipline on your most beloved pet when it comes to feeding. Medication also needs to be constant and accurate. Obesity is the main reason why cats become diabetic, so make sure it loses weight as soon as possible. Some cats go back to their normal sugar levels, while others do not.  Here are some suggestions on how to treat a diabetic cat:

  1. Regular checking of its sugar level is mandatory, and you can use a test strip for this. A blood or urine sample is needed.  The irony of diabetes is that there are times when the sugar level shoots up, and there are also some instances when it fluctuates at a very low level. Both condition manifests the same symptoms, so always be alert when you notice the signs, such as vomiting, uneasiness, sluggishness or seizure in the worst case scenario.

  2. As long as your cat is eating, sleeping and drinking, there is no need to confine it in a veterinary clinic.

    u can just take care of it at home, but do bring it to your vet for a consultation to learn the proper medication and care needed. Ask questions about the condition so you can be aware of what to expect and what to do about it.

  3. Let your cat stick to a diet prescribed by your vet. It is mandatory for it to lose weight to control its sugar level. More movement should be encouraged, so spend time playing with your pet. This will definitely make it feel better. In case your cat goes around the neighborhood, let it wear a tag that says “I’m diabetic – refrain from feeding me.” This will make sure that it is not eating anything apart from what is recommended by the vet. Let it abstain from treats at the moment and stick to the goal – which is to lose weight.

  4. Keep the environment of your cat’s living space clean at all times. A dirty environment will encourage other diseases and infections. This is not the time for your cat’s immune system to lower as it needs to recuperate from the diabetes. The goal is to get rid of the condition and let its sugar level go back to normal. This is still possible as long as medication is consistent. You might have to administer an insulin injection twice a day. Use a small needle and do it quick so your cat won’t get hurt.

  5. Living with a diabetic pet cat need not be hard. Diabetes is treatable, so invest in medication and low carbohydrate cat meals. Discipline for both of you is mandatory. Once your cat is declared diabetes-free by your vet, you can resume normal feeding, but avoid giving too much as it can always happen again if you don’t control it.

Being knowledgeable on how to treat a diabetic cat is a big advantage. While under medication and a strict diet, you can still enjoy your pet in the usual ways. Be more playful with it so it is encouraged to move actively. If proper care is given to your diabetic cat, it can become normal again in no time.


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