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How to Treat a Dog with Allergies

How to Treat a Dog with Allergies

You are very particular in your dog’s hygiene and grooming but you are not sure why despite of all the efforts, it keeps on scratching to the verge of inflaming its skin. Before thinking much deeper as to what causes the problem, do not rule out the possibility of your dog having allergies. This is why it’s important for dog owners to be knowledgeable on how to treat a dog with allergies. Try these remedies for the comfort of your dog:

  1. Do not allow your place to be infested with dust mites by keeping it tidy as part of your daily existence. Don’t let them thrive on yours and your dog’s beddings, curtains and carpets. Have them vacuumed regularly to eliminate dusts in your household and dispose them properly at once after cleaning. You can formulate an effective dust mite disinfectant using teas. Soak the tea lightly in a container of water and transfer the solution to the spray bottle. Use this to disinfect the air indoors. Dust mites will not like this and they’ll go somewhere else conducive for them.

  2. Stay away from the allergens that cause the dog’s allergies.

    ne it indoors during spring time when the pollens are at their active stage if they affect your dog. You may have to suspend your garden walks for a while just to prevent the dog from getting sick. Your dog may be protesting on that decision of yours but imagine the trouble that both of you will go through ones it becomes allergic with the elements from the outside.

  3. Give your dog a good soak for 15 minutes every day with cool water treated with grounded oatmeal. You can put half cup of oatmeal in a blender to grind them before mixing the powdered oatmeal inside the bath tub or water container – large enough for your dog to soak in comfortably. They are effective in forming a protected covering in your dog’s affected skin surfaces.

  4. Don’t hesitate to give your dog a tested anti-allergy drug. Safe medications for allergies include any generic brand of antihistamine. A 25 milligram dosage is sufficient for a dog weighting 50 pounds. If your dog is lighter than that, divide the tablet according to its weight. Note however that it can give your dog diarrhea as a side effect. Have some yogurt handy to give to your dog when this occurs.

  5. Add some nourishment to the dog’s regular meals to improve the condition of its coat and skin. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish can do an excellent job. You can either give your dog fresh salmon fillets or add salmon oil to its homemade dog food.

  6. Mix Epsom salt with water for paw soaking. This is not just pleasant but is also very soothing for your dog’s allergies that are manifested by its consistently biting its paws. This is something you can’t ignore because the injuries will leave ugly marks in your dog’s paws when they get infected before healing.

How to treat a dog with allergies will be necessary same as you would like some relief when affected with one. Don’t leave your dog alone in this ordeal. This will explain why your cute pet suddenly becomes irritable and a whiner. Its whole well-being solely relies in your utmost care. Keep your dog happy and it will continue to bring joy to your household. This is definitely a responsibility that any dog owner cannot turn his or her back from.


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