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How to Treat a Dog with Mange

How to Treat a Dog with Mange

As a responsible dog owner, it is expected that you know how to treat a dog with mange. To do this, however, you need to know what mange is and what causes it. Simply put, mange is a skin disease which affects your dog. Mange is caused by parasitic and other mites that can come in contact with your pet’s skin. Mange can lead to other mild and severe skin diseases when it is not treated quickly. This sickness, commonly found in canines, is unpleasant to look at. Here are some ways you can treat a dog at the first sign of the disease.

  1. Know what type of mange your dog is affected with. You need to know this so you are able to cure it. The most common type of mange is the Demodectic mange which lowers a dog’s immune system. The disease usually strikes dogs between three to 12 months. This mange is caused by tiny mites called Demodex mites. Visual indicators are patches of skin surrounding the eyes, mouth and also appearing on the front of the legs.

    The other kind of mange commonly seen in dogs is called the ‘walking dandruff.

    ou will see white dandruff like flakes on a dog which is suffering from this kind of mange. They are highly contagious to both humans and animals so you need to take extra caution when trying to get rid of them.

  2. Use natural ingredients as cure. One percent hydrogen peroxide mixed with two tablespoon borax will surely be a successful tool in cleaning the dog’s body whose skin is affected with mange. Completely dissolved the borax into the solution before using it to bathe the dog at least once every week. It is important that you do not wash or rinse the dog off after bathing, let the curing mixture penetrate and dry on the dog’s skin by itself. Do not confuse the borax with boric acid as these two have different functions and purposes.

    You may also use a few other ingredients in curing the mange such as drops of olive oil which is effective in killing the mites and soothing the skin and honey which is perfect in its cleansing attributes and can perform as an antiseptic and antioxidant at the same time.

  3. Bathe and brush regularly. A dog suffering from skin infections such as mange needs frequent showers = at least once a week to get rid of germs, mites, dead and flaky skin. This will keep the skin clean, healthy and glowing. Brushing the hair often will also lead to better health and overall protection of the hair and skin. It will also give mites no time to form and multiply on the dog’s skin.

  4. Proper diet and fasting. A healthy dog can manage to fast for a few days to cleanse his overall system so as not to allow mites to enter into his body. His diet should also be observed and monitored. See to it that he is getting the proper nutrients he needs to boost his immune system and fight off diseases.

When all efforts have failed and you do not know how to treat a dog with mange effectively, call the nearest veterinarian immediately and ask for help. A healthy dog will be more active and playful and will become a great companion and friend.


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