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How to Treat a Dog’s Ear Infection

How to Treat a Dog’s Ear Infection

Some types of dog ears are very much preferred by parasites as a dwelling space. If your dog has longer than usual ears, especially if they are floppy, you must be vigilant about ear infections. Being ready with information on how to treat a dog’s ear infection will keep your worries away. There are remedies that you can administer at home, but if the infection is severe you should get a prescription from the veterinarian. You should also take the following steps:

  1. Don’t wait for the signs of ear infection. Establish a regular routine with your dog for ear cleaning. Get an ear cleaning solution over the counter and flush the ears of your dog with this as recommended by the pharmacist or as labeled. If you happen to sense an unfavorable scent from your dog’s ear, it probably has developed an ear infection already. Wipe the external part of your dog’s ears with moistened cotton using the solution to remove obvious dirt.

  2. Note that there are infections that need different kind of treatments from those administered for the usual bacterial infections.

    east infection is one example of a different infection. If you donÂ’t know what kind of infection your dog has, try the natural remedy using ingredients that you can find at home. If you donÂ’t plan on going to the vet just yet, formulate a home treatment right away to stop the suffering of your dog.

  3. Gather white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, purified water and a measuring cup together on the table. Find a plastic bottle that has an elongated nozzle and that can be squeezed. Pour one third of a cup of the vinegar followed by half a cup of alcohol and one third of a cup of water into the bottle. Mix everything together thoroughly by shaking it. Squeeze this homemade solution into your dogÂ’s ears twice a week to start with. This can go on for at least a couple of weeks. Reduce the application to once a week and continue every month thereafter as a maintenance procedure.

  4. Do not linger on the home remedy if it does not help your dog. You have to make the time for consultation and examination at the vetÂ’s if the inflammation gets worse. You should be alarmed if you see more yellowish discharge coming out of your dogÂ’s ears. ThereÂ’s no substitute for steroid injections, antibiotic prescriptions or medicated solutions from the veterinarian. Once your dog has finally got rid of its ear infection, continue the flushing routine either with a medicated cleaning solution or the homemade one.

  5. Drain excess water from the dogÂ’s ears after it has had a bath or been exposed to water while playing. You can do this by pressing a clean cloth on its ears sideways. A cotton ball with ear solution can also be used to wipe off the dried ear wax and other dirt from the exterior of the ears. This is in addition to regular flushing. It is also advisable to use drying powder alternately to discourage infestation.

  6. Flush your dogÂ’s ears with the homemade solution after every swim if your dog is an avid swimmer. Hardened wax will be softened by the alcohol content of the solution while the acidity of the vinegar will prevent the parasites from thriving and multiply.

Learning how to treat a dogÂ’s ear infection is a critical part of mastering a regular grooming routine for your dog. This is not difficult to do once your dog gets used to the regimen. What is difficult is listening to its desperate cry for help and watching its non-stop ear scratching when it has painful ears.


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