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how to treat a seizure

how to treat a seizure

It’s traumatic to witness a seizure attack of a friend or family member. You feel helpless when you see so much suffering. Knowing even just the basics on how to treat a seizure is already a big help for the patient and the family. High fevers can cause convulsions among children which is a form of seizure. The more anxious you are to rush the child to the hospital while convulsing, the slower the transport might be arranged. You have to be calm first to be able to aid the victim. One detail that is helpful to remember is the length of the seizure. This can help doctors determine the most appropriate medical treatments. You will be confident to help a person having a seizure when you exactly know what to do when it happens. No matter what you see or how scared you are, always think about how to make everyone safe especially the victim. Here’s how to help:

  1. Help the person breathe properly by loosening the clothing and remove any accessories from the body. Aside from scarves, remove all jewelry as well. Position the person in a reclining position on his side.

    his will allow the person to eliminate any obstructions from the mouth. Breathing will be easier and safety from choking.

  2. Do not restrain the movement of the epileptic when having a seizure. It will be hard and painful for both you and the patient. If possible, don’t force the person to move from one place to another unless there’s a risk of being drowned or burned. Sharp and fragile objects must be out of reach.

  3. Free the mouth from obstructions but do not touch it. Letting the person drink water or take some medications may cause choking. Do not believe the myths; just use common sense. The patient’s own tongue cannot suffocate him but your hands can. Be careful not to be beaten either.

  4. Cushion the person’s head either with a pillow or any soft material found within the vicinity. Harsh movements may be involuntarily done by the patient, and there’s a possibility that head injuries will cause unconsciousness. This is a precautionary measure to avoid head injuries.

  5. Have a watch or timer handy if living with a person with seizures. This information will be requested by medical practitioners as a basis for the medications. Treatments for seizures are personalized. They must be properly evaluated to get the right combination of medicines.

  6. The seizure attack can worsen due to a highly-stressful environment. Giving more room to the patient is needed to allow continuous ventilation for the patient’s comfort. Advise people around to be quiet and not show any drastic moves. Being serene is a must.

  7. Do not let your mind lose focus because of destruction created by the person. Stay as calm as you are. Never leave the victim until he gets back to normal. He might pass out on some occasions. Be compassionate and show understanding that what happened was out of his control. Let the patient rest after the attack.

How to treat a seizure is manageable. If the victim has diabetes or pregnant, bring the patient to the doctor immediately after the attack. Do not leave any head injuries unchecked by a physician. Watch out for any violent reactions from the patient especially when the seizure is caused by epilepsy. Call the ambulance if a seizure goes beyond five minutes. If he loses consciousness, make sure that he’s awake after few minutes. Apply mount-to-mouth resuscitation when breathing stops.


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