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How to Treat Alzheimer's

How to Treat Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that damages the brain cells. It is an incurable disease that leads to death. The development of the disease is gradual, but can be slowed down using a combination of different treatments. Treating Alzheimer’s disease and dealing with people who are suffering from it is a big challenge. Armed with enough knowledge on how to treat Alzheimer, the challenge becomes surmountable. Before you can go into treatment, it is important to know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It is only then that you should seek medical advice and, eventually, go into proper medication. The most common symptom of this disease is easily forgetting events that have just recently happened or having difficulty remembering past events. Once this symptom is present, see a doctor. There are plenty of ways on how to treat the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Let us identify the most relevant ones.

  1. See a doctor for proper diagnosis. The doctor will give you medication or supplements that can help slowdown the progression of the disease only after it is established that you are indeed suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

    ially, therefore, you will be subjected to a battery of laboratory and diagnostic tests in order to determine your overall health.

  2. Eat healthy foods. Once diagnosed, eating green-leafy vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants, should be first on the diet list. Always have a fresh serving of fruits with each meal. Fruits, such as mangoes, Indian plums, apples, citrus, avocados, pineapples and all other dark-colored fruits, are rich in Vitamins C and E. They are good for the metabolism and will help eliminate free radicals that destroy the cells in the body. Scientifically, a detoxified body has a better metabolism which, in turn, promotes better blood circulation.

  3. Eat foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and B Vitamins. Vitamins B6 and B12 help in improving mental functions. When B Vitamins are incorporated with foods that are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are mainly derived from fresh salmon, tuna, and mackerel, they form a good combination of natural treatment against Alzheimer's at an early stage.

  4. Take green tea and herb supplements. Green tea is enriched not only with antioxidants, but it also contains ginkgo biloba, which promotes good blood circulation and better memory. Herbs like ginseng, fennel, caraway, rosemary, and dill are known antioxidants, which also promote better brain functions.

  5. Reinvigorate the body through a massage or aromatherapy. Elderly people need to relax their bodies occasionally. Thus, they should have enough time for rest, recreation and physical invigoration. Body massages can enhance the flow of the blood and promote total comfort. Aromatherapy using lemon and lavender can relieve anxiety and stress.

  6. Keep the brain active. Alzheimer’s disease sets in when the brain is less active. Brain exercises, such as solving cross-words and jigsaw puzzles, playing word games and chess and other board games, are proven effective in keeping the mind active and alert.

  7. Socialize and have an ambiance that can trigger recall. Always have time to talk to family members, friends and relatives. Join social activities, such as family gatherings and other community endeavors. Pictures of loved ones and friends must be placed in conspicuous places in the house because they can trigger memory recall every time they are seen.

  8. Take anti-psychotic drugs and memantine as prescribed. Anti-psychotic drugs are known to relieve anger, hallucinations and agitations, which are related to Alzheimer’s disease. Memantine is effective in blocking harmful receptors in the brain that can cause cell damage. The ncbi.nlm.nih.gov mentioned that memantine “works by decreasing abnormal activity in the brain” and it “can help people with Alzheimer's disease to think more clearly and perform daily activities more easily.” Note, however, that this drug is neither a cure nor does it slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The ways on how to treat Alzheimer's are very important, especially in terms of slowing down the progression of the disease. While self-discipline is necessary on the part of the patient, the unwavering support and understanding of the family members and friends are equally relevant.


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