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how to treat arthritis in dogs

how to treat arthritis in dogs

People usually grow old with their pets. Being man’s best friend, dogs share many experiences with their owners as they grow older, including their ailments. As our bodies age, our joints weaken and arthritis develops. The case is the same for dogs. Older dogs can suffer from inflamed and swollen joints due to arthritis and this can hamper them from being active. Joints are those places where bones meet, and in the sections in between the bones, cartilage is found. A healthy joint has enough cartilage that helps facilitate movement without the bones having to painfully grind against each other. But as our dogs age, the cartilage becomes thinner and thus the joints become inflamed causing the poor animals to hop around in pain. When you see signs of arthritis in your dog, such as limping around, difficulty in moving,  or pronounced inflammation and swelling of the joints, then your dog may have arthritis. You can immediately address the pain through pain-specific remedies, but the important thing is to learn how to treat arthritis in dogs, which is the heart of the problem.

Here are ways to treat pain and arthritis in dogs:

  1. Alleviate pain. Pain from arthritis can be mild to crippling, and if you hear your dog whimpering, the pain could be escalating above a level that they can tolerate. This level of pain can hinder them from doing their usual activities.

    Your vet can help you identify the best non-steriodal pain-killing medicines for your dog. Take note of the frequency and dosage that apt for your dog. It is best to always consult your vet in medicating your dog as to make sure you do not harm your dog.

  2. Comfortable sleep.  The pain of arthritis also deprives your pet of much needed sleep. Help him deal with the pain by providing him with a comfortable and soft place to sleep that can also keep him toasty from the cold. You must remember that the cold aggravates joint pain, so protect him from cold weather.

  3. Use fish oil. Fish oil, which contains Omega 3, is necessary to strengthen joints and provide them with the vital supplement they need to avoid arthritis. Fish oil capsules are available for dogs. Again, consult your vet for the right dosage for your pet.

  4. Food supplement. Your pet needs a supplement that contains glucosamine and chrondritin everyday. These will help lubricate the joints and prevent bones from painfully grinding against each other.

  5. Dog acupuncture. Some veterinary clinics offer acupuncture for animals to relieve pain. The needles are not painful and many dogs like the immediate relief the treatment provides.

  6. Losing weight. Helping your dog lose weight is one of the best ways to help him manage arthritis better. When you feel your dog, you must be able to feel his ribs or else he is too fat. You can help him manage his weight by feeding him one-fourth less that his usual fare.

  7. Exercise. Provide your dog with light exercise to strengthen his joints and muscles. Regularly walking around will do him a world of good as long as you do not over do it.

Knowing how to treat arthritis in dogs is vital knowledge for any dog owner. Arthritis is a reality; even dogs have to deal with, so be prepared to provide relief.


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