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how to treat arthritis in the knee

how to treat arthritis in the knee

Will you allow yourself to be confined in a wheelchair or in one corner when every step you make hurts due to knee arthritis? Contrary to common practice, immobility is not the cure for the pain in your knee. Knee arthritis will be more neutralized when you keep on moving the parts where it hurts. There are various ways how to treat arthritis in the knee, but there’s only one thing to bear in mind – never stop moving just to avoid the pain. It was concluded in an “Annals of Internal Medicine” study in 1992 that those who managed to continue their daily physical activities despite the pain had better progress with their hip arthritis compared to those who limit their movements to minimize the pain. Total immobility is the main reason why muscles and bones become weak leading to becoming a handicap. Consider these remedies to be more comfortable when you force yourself to function properly:

  1. The oldest knee remedy is the cane since time immemorial. It is a proven device for people suffering from knee arthritis as an aid for walking.

    the pain is in the left knee, balance the cane by holding it in the right hand. The length of the cane must allow the user to put his or her total weight on it. Any medical supplies outlet will be able to make the right adjustments for you.

  2. The lighter you are in terms of weight, the less of a burden for your injured knee. Keeping your body slim and fit will make your life easier. Doing extreme exercises may not be possible due to the pain, but exercise routines can be designed to suit you. Stretching and breathing patterns plus yoga and meditation will be helpful for this kind of situation. A balanced diet will also complement the personalized physical therapy that you decide on.

  3. Resort to gold injections only when the pain is unbearable. Myocrisin is an anti-rheumatic drug. This drug not only treats the symptoms but halts the progress of the disease. On the other hand, it slows down your immune system so strict compliance as prescribed must be observed. It’s administered initially at 50 mg. per injection. Just be aware of the side effects and watch your liver. You can have a sore throat, bleeding, or experience rashes and bruises plus fever while under this medication.

  4. Cortisone is another injectable drug for mild cases of arthritis. This should be limited to one injection bi-monthly. Only a very small dosage is needed. It has no side effects as well, or if it has, it’s too rare to be felt. If your knee pain is severe, the drug will not benefit you. So might as well stay clear from it to take care of your liver.

  5. If you want to experiment with knee braces, make sure that you try them on first before purchasing. The same with wedged shoes and Ace bandages. There are reports that they have some psychological effects. In some degree, they can also ease the swelling.

How to treat arthritis in the knee is a matter of preference. Choose the remedy that you feel comfortable with. Whatever you do, just don’t stay idle. You can beat your knee pain if you are psychologically, emotionally, and physically ready to face it on a day-to-day basis. Make use of the remedies stated above to help you in your quest.


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