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how to treat asthma naturally

how to treat asthma naturally

Conventional medicines, no matter how advanced, often just eliminate symptoms of asthma. To get to the root cause of the disease, the natural approach works better. They offer a cure instead of just giving you relief when under asthma attacks. How to treat asthma naturally takes a lot of common sense. It helps to know asthma’s causes, triggers, and treatment options to understand how the cure can take place in the process. Bodily imperfections will take place when the body is abused. Breathing polluted air, lack of rest or exercise, and loads of negative emotions are common culprits of asthma aside from being inherited. When the lungs fail to function, respiratory ailments such as asthma will exist. Colon cleansing is ideal for stronger patients. Lungs, kidneys, and liver are the other internal organs that will likely cause respiratory problems when malfunctioning. Detoxifying these parts will eliminate toxins that put these systems into disarray. Here is how:

  1. Supplement the lack of nutrients by taking natural remedies.

    Clear up bronchial congestion with mullein. Take regular doses of Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E. These are for the protection of mucous membranes and for the improvement of the immune system. It’s also been observed that asthma patients usually lack essential fatty acids. Omega- 3 fatty acid supplements will be a good addition.

  2. Make use of other holistic remedies but know their properties first before administration. Liquid minerals, digestive enzymes, dandelion, licorice root, and lobelia extract are natural substances that can supplement missing nutrients to allow the organs involved to perform well. Pay attention to the instructions and warnings on the label of these products to make them work for the better.  For example, “people with high blood pressure cannot take licorice root” and “must it not be taken for more than seven days.”

  3. Substitute anti-inflammatory drugs with ginseng or wild licorice. Ginseng is not only effective in getting rid of bronchial irritations but also in reducing inflammation caused by the symptoms of asthma. Inflamed respiratory tracks can block air passageways during a severe attack. It can lead to fatal situations. Never underestimate the simplicity of the condition. It will cost you your life when left untreated.

  4. Add calcium and magnesium to your daily supplements. These are essential for opening air passages in the lungs. Bronchial tubes will be widened with a regular intake of 500 mg. of magnesium. Breathing will be easier thus minimizing the chance of having a major asthma attack. Relieving the symptoms when they are still starting will be more manageable than when they are blown up in full.

  5. Include useful sources of nutrients to alleviate asthma’s root cause in your diet. Make it a habit to eat more fish like salmon and tuna. Nuts, seeds, and flaxseed oil are also good. They can counteract the swelling in the lungs thus preventing uncomfortable symptoms from occurring. They are rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids.

  6. By all means, go ahead with combining natural cures with conventional treatments. Unlike chemically formulated medicines, natural products will not have conflicting effects with other remedies. However, it will take time for them to provide the relief needed during serious asthma attacks because the component of natural medicines will have to be processed naturally. There’s no short-cut for this. Feel free to take prescribed asthma medications when instant relief is needed badly.

How to treat asthma naturally is now a very popular alternative cure because they have proved to benefit asthma patients for long-term relief if not a total cure. All we need is to be open-minded about going back to basics like what our forefathers were doing!


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