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how to treat bladder cancer

how to treat bladder cancer

How to treat bladder cancer depends on the results of more than one examination. Cystoscopy may be combined with any of the imaging tests for best results. Bladder cancer treatment application is based on the extent or stage of the disease. If it involves a tumor, the lump will be reduced first or eliminated totally before treating remaining cancerous cells. Here’s how the treatments proceed:

  1. It’s still in the zero stage when the bladder wall has not been invaded by cancer. Transurethral resection, or TUR, is the common treatment at this stage for bladder cancer. Intravesical therapy is a follow-up treatment to prevent the disease from recurring. BCG is often recommended instead of intravesical therapy because it is more effective. The down side is the tremendous side effects that can be difficult to bear.

  2. When bladder cancer reaches the connective tissue layer in the walls of the bladder, the disease is now in Stage 1. The same as Stage 0, transurethral resection combined with intravesical therapy, BCG, or chemotherapy will be ordered by the doctor.

    f the cancer progresses by invading new cells, radical cystectomy will be needed. When high-grade tumors are present, transurethral resection with chemotherapy and radiation will be added to the treatment.

  3. Stage 2 is happening when the layer of the muscles of the bladder wall is already invaded by cancer. Lymph node removal near the bladder and a radical cystectomy is the usual treatment at this stage. Some can make do with a partial cystectomy procedure, but most of the patients will have to go through chemotherapy before and after surgery. There’s a possibility that tiny deposits of cancerous elements will be building up outside the bladder walls. These must be destroyed by chemotherapy to avoid the multiplication of more cancerous cells.

  4. When cancer has reached the exterior of the bladder and has spread into nearby, internal organs, Stage 3 is recognized. Like Stage 2, a radical cystectomy and lymph node removal will also be facilitated. Chemotherapy also is applied before and after surgery plus neoadjuvant therapy for decreasing the size of the tumor for easy removal. This approach uses chemotherapy to eliminate the remaining cancer cells after surgery.

  5. If the abdominal or pelvic wall and distant parts have been affected by cancer, it’s already Stage 4. Cancer removal is impossible at this stage. The treatment will only aim to slow down the growth of the cancer and make life last longer. When surgery is done, it’s just to suppress the cancer. Only miracles can make healing happen at this stage.

Recurring bladder cancer can happen from where the cancer started or where it has spread. The kind of treatments will vary according to the nature of the recurrence. If it came back spreading to other parts of the body, the patient should get additional chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The decision for further treatments, however, will depend on the patient’s ability healthwise to handle the treatments. When the victim is already too weak, additional treatments are not advised. How to treat bladder cancer is a very strenuous experience for both the patients and the people living with them. Sometimes the extent of the disease will be too much that even surgery can’t do much anymore. Despite the bad news, remember that positivity in life will make cancer sufferings lighter to endure. Volunteering to take part in some cancer-related experiments will mean that in due time, a cancer cure will finally be found.


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