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how to treat brain cancer

how to treat brain cancer

How to treat brain cancer is not all about the destruction of cancerous cells but also dealing with its dangerous symptoms. Consider it an emergency case when there is swelling or pressure in the brain. It can make the heart rate drop dramatically. This is the common cause of death for many people who waited for the headache, vomiting, and nausea to get worse before going to see an oncologist. In most cases, it was too late. Anti-inflammatory drugs are, therefore, necessary to be readily available for people who are undergoing cancer treatments. Cancer treatments that use substances to kill the cancerous cells are prone to inflammation. Having these medications in hand wherever the patient goes is crucial because we never know when that will happen. These major cancer treatments include:

  1. Surgical procedures or brain surgery in particular for brain cancer is necessary to remove brain tumors. Benign tumors will heal in time completely. But for the cancerous ones, doctors can only try to remove as much of the tumor as possible, although there will always be remaining cancerous cells after operating on a person with brain cancer.

    That’s why a follow-up treatment is needed to complete the task if possible.

  2. A surgery without going under the knife is stereotactic radiosurgery. Guided by the CT or MRI scan, a brain tumor will be destroyed by the intense laser or radiation rays. The type of stereotactic radiosurgery will be adjusted depending on the kind of cancer to be treated. This is more preferable because it has fewer complications, and the patient can heal faster than those who have gone through the traditional method.

  3. Pre-surgical treatments may be necessary when there are abnormalities detected before surgery. Swelling must be relieved first using steroid drugs like Decadron. Seizures can be prevented also with anticonvulsant drugs. A shunt or a thin, plastic tube may be inserted to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain placing the other end of the device into another part of the body where the fluid can be easily taken out.

  4. Radiotherapy is another treatment for brain cancer. High-voltage radiation rays are used to eliminate cancer cells. This is necessary to stop more cells from forming to the cancerous cells. This is an alternative procedure for surgery and can be done also as follow-up treatment if there’s remaining cancer cells not destroyed during the initial process. Radiation can be internal or external. External treatments utilize using the energy beams from the outside that penetrate through the skin towards the problem area. Internal implanted radiation consists of a radioactive capsule inserted into the tumor.

Treating brain cancer is unique for each individual. Since every human being has a different body composition, habits, and nature, brain cancer will also develop differently for each person. Patients must consider a long-term approach when dealing with the extremities of the treatments. One challenging treatment that will give lasting relief is better than simple daily treatments. Aggressive treatments will depend on the character of the type of cancer acquired. A team of doctors can reach a final conclusion as to what are the best treatments necessary for a certain patient. How to treat brain cancer is no doubt a complex matter. Certain ways must be changed in terms of living habits. A dietitian, physical therapist, and perhaps a social worker are good additions to your team of brain cancer experts. One more common treatment for cancer is chemotherapy. This is applicable to most cancers including brain cancer. This can be solely prescribed or combined with other treatments mentioned in this article.


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