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how to treat breast cancer

how to treat breast cancer how to treat breast cancer

Cancer of the breast is a type of cancer that occurs when cancer or a growth that is malignant forms in the cells of your breast/s. According to the statistics, 190,000 women develop breast cancer each year. With that, 40,000 reach the mortality rate. It has been known as the second leading cause of death in women all over the world. Needless to say, that we have to be educated on learning how to treat breast cancer. Although breast cancer can also be diagnosed in men, it is usually seen in women. It is characterized by many unusual things that occur to the breasts. It can be a change in the size and appearance. A lump on the breast or anywhere near it can also be a sign of breast cancer. Other factors to consider are fluid (other than breast milk) coming out of the nipple, puckering (dimple-like look) in the skin, and the manifestation of any crusty, irritated, or red area on any part of the breast. There are many treatments readily available for many breast cancer patients. The mode of treatment varies from the patient’s symptoms, capability to react positively to the treatment, and the severity of the disease.

Here are some of the treatments for breast cancer:

  1. Surgery has always been a preferred treatment when it comes to malignant tumors that are bigger than the usual. Lumpectomy is a kind of surgery that removes the lump inside. After which, it can be tested if it really is a malignant tumor through biopsy. Another operation would be a mastectomy, which means the removal of the affected breast. This is done in serious cases where the cancer cells have already spread. The surgeon also has the option to remove the surrounding lymph nodes to eliminate possible recurrence of the disease.

  2. Chemotherapy is also another treatment that can be used, especially when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. With this mode of treatments, certain drugs are used to destroy the cancer cells. This can also be a good way to shrink the tumor so that it is easier and less invasive for it to be removed. This is also recommended when the doctor would want to decrease the chances of recurrence. Side effects when undergoing chemotherapy can include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, and an increased risk of developing infection.

  3. Therapeutic radiation uses high energy rays like X-rays to eradicate the tumor. An external laser-type radiation is emitted from a large machine and aimed at your body where the tumor is. Another type is the brachytheraphy, which involves implanting a radioactive material inside your body to release the radiation.

  4. Hormone therapy is a mode of treatment for breast cancer, which uses hormones to counteract the cancer cells. In our body’s normal physiology, estrogen is a known sex hormone, which aids in the promotion of the growth of some breast cancer cells. With this, counteracting hormones, such as aromatase inhibitors and anti-oestrogens, are used to stop or slow the growth of the cancer cells.

Breast cancer can be cured once detected early. The mode of treatment depends on the person and the stage of the cancer. There are many good doctors and surgeons who are well equipped on how to treat breast cancer.


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