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how to treat cancer naturally

how to treat cancer naturally

If cancer is the result of abusing our body with artificial things, pampering it with natural substances should cure the disease. Although this is not officially endorsed by medical professionals, at least the thought is logical. Many people have resorted to healing alternatives using ancient traditional practices because our generation is nothing compared to the longevity of our ancestors. How to treat cancer naturally is available in many forms. Here are some of those:

  1. Aromatherapy started from the accidental discovery of lavender oil to have healing power in 1937 in France. From then on, pure, high-quality, natural oils from flowering plants were tested and produced as remedies for various health dysfunctions. The relaxing effect of the oils results in having better sleep, a stronger immune system, and proper digestion to name a few. Neuro-hormonal imbalances are also regulated. The advantages are not only for the body and mind but for the whole well-being.

  2. Deep concentration happens while doing art therapy.

    It’s a way to express oneself without too much talking. Driving our thoughts to be in line with our actions is a very effective stress management exercise. There will be no space for depression when you are focusing on something you enjoy. Breathing will be enhanced thus improving the blood circulation.  Art therapy is designed to align the mind out of the miseries of cancer uplifting the spirit and raising one’s self-esteem.

  3. Century’s old visualization exercises is the process of creating mental images to build a strong mind and body defense to counteract pain receptors triggered by cancer. The result will be more relief from the symptoms of the disease. This is a practice used by Buddhist monks for healing illnesses since the 14th century. Nausea and headaches will be eliminated by mastering the mind to produce imageries that can better affect the body.

  4. Drink green tea regularly. It contains polyphenols that suppress the growth of blood vessels that aid the emergence of tumors. Aside from being an anti-oxidant, it washes out cancerous toxins in the digestive system by activating liver mechanisms. It has been tested to block chemical carcinogens that cause different types of cancer.

  5. Mixed with black pepper and oil, turmeric is a very effective anti-inflammatory substance. It hinders tumor growth and improves the results of chemotherapy. You can be very creative in incorporating it in your diet so as not to be fed up with it. You can mix it with rice or with your dishes like you do with spices.

  6. Sugar levels in the blood can be regulated by adding a dash of garlic, sliced onions, leeks, some shallots plus chives thus preventing the growth of cancer cells in the internal organs.

  7. Mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, and vegetables rich in carotenoids plus herbs and spices such as rosemary and oregano can all be part of your daily meals. They are substantial for a cancer-free diet because their composition includes anti-cancer molecules.

How to treat cancer naturally will be more effective if total dietary changes are implemented. Foods that will not tolerate the presence of cancer-causing elements in the body are just ordinary products that you can find in any fresh markets and grocery stores in your locality. It will not be a burden to your budget if you start early. Add them to your regular menu and rest assured that despite being prone to cancer because of heredity, you can still avoid it if you wish to.


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