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how to treat cat allergies

how to treat cat allergies

Allergies are the natural reaction of the body’s immune system against invaders called allergens. The immune system will release histamines to counter the allergens and the effect is an extremely annoying discomfort. Allergens from cat furs are a common cause of nasal allergy and asthma. When allergic reactions are not given immediate attention, it can trigger the development of full-blown asthma, serious sneezing and severe nasal congestion. At all cost, you should know how to treat cat allergies. One animal that can trigger allergic reactions is cat. Because of its fine fur, asthmatic persons and those who have nasal allergies are very prone to allergic attacks when a cat comes near. The tips below can help you deal with your cat allergies.

  1. Stay away with cats. This is the first rule. No cats, no allergies. You must keep yourself away from cats. Even if cats are your favorite pet, you must avoid coming in contact with them. If you do have cats around your home, you should ensure that they stay out of your bedroom.


  2. Introduce immediate medication prescribed by your doctor. Allergic reactions can happen fast. Thus, a quick response is also necessary. If you have your nasal spray, asthma puffer or anti-histamine tablets administer them and get your required dose.

    As a precaution, do not engage in self-medication. Do not buy over the counter medicines unless your doctor prescribes it. . The most prudent thing to do, if your allergies persist, is to consult a specialist who can give you a proper prescription.

  3. Clean the house and remove all the allergens. If you can see traces of cat furs, allergens are essentially present. Clean the house, removing any traces of cat fur. Put on a mask and get a vacuum cleaner to do this job. Let the vacuum cleaner suck up all the allergens that are present in the common areas of the house, particularly in your bedroom.

  4. Vacuum the carpet. A carpeted floor is a cat’s favorite area. Allergens are most likely to thrive in carpets. Vacuum the carpet in the living room and in the bedroom. If necessary, change the carpets or get rid of them and install hardwood floors instead.

  5. Change curtains. You should change your window curtains once or twice every week. Home curtains may also contain other allergens, such as dust particles. In truth, dealing with allergies is a lifetime challenge. Hence, cleaning must be done more frequently.

  6. Install an air filtration system in the house. An air filtration system purifies the air throughout your home. In one way or another, it will aid in promoting a healthy breathing ambiance in your home. Not only will you receive protection, but the other family members will benefit as well.

  7. Protect yourself. Use gloves and a face mask if you need to do things that can trigger allergic reactions. When you clean your bedroom or the common areas of the house, especially when you use vacuum cleaners, do not forget to use a face mask. In short, the best approach to avoid with allergies is to protect yourself from allergen invasions.

  8. Live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your immune system. If you have a strong immune system, it can easily tolerate the allergens that may enter the body, and it need not react to it at all. Avoiding excessive alcohol intake, quitting smoking and eating healthy foods will essentially boost your immune system.

If you have allergies, you must be very watchful of your surroundings and the food that you eat. These two are the main reasons why an allergic person suffers allergy attacks. For people who have nasal allergies and asthma, normally, they are very sensitive to dust and animal furs. When the surrounding environment is packed with allergens, the body’s immune system automatically reacts. After you strengthen your immune system, you can cope with your allergic reactions. Since this type of illness can be triggered by outside elements such as allergens, constant cleaning of your surroundings and being mindful of the things you should avoid can help you overcome it. Apply the above steps dealing with how to treat cat allergies to stay healthy and comfortable.


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