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Ways to Treat Cat Allergies in 7 Easy Steps

Ways to Treat Cat Allergies in 7 Easy Steps

Allergies are not just happening among human beings. They also occur in cats. In fact, they are the reasons why cats have skin diseases. How to treat cat allergies depends on what causes them. Common symptoms include: itchiness, non-stop fur licking plus biting, a build-up of bumps, redness, baldness due to extensive scratching, and many more. When you notice irritants, especially around its head, thighs, back, ears, and neck, consult a veterinarian if the following Allergies were present:

  1. Allergies caused by insects, particularly fleas, are very typical in cats. The veterinarian can detect this allergy immediately upon checking the lesions. First and foremost, confine your cat inside the house only. Make sure that the vicinity is free from mosquitoes so as not to aggravate the allergic reactions in your cat.

  2. Aside from getting rid of the fleas off of your cat, treatments for the skin reactions caused by insects will be prescribed in the form of antibiotics or a topical medication. If there are inflamed parts on your cat’s skin, antihistamines and steroid treatments may be necessary.

    In the worst cases, flea antigens will be injected into your cat.

  3. When vomiting and diarrhea seem to be recurring episodes in your cat’s life, it may be allergic to some of its regular food. While on a food trial for not more than three months as ordered by the vet, you may be instructed not to give medications that it can chew especially other vitamins and supplements so as not to alter the test. During the trial, the cat will be given varieties of food for the veterinarian to determine the cause of its allergies. Once a determination is made, the food that the cat is allergic to must be eliminated from its diet.

  4. Dust mites, molds, and pollens are also major causes of inhalant allergies in cats. This can be verified through blood testing after a physical examination conducted by the vet. Its occurrence does not depend on the season. It can happen anytime. The vet will inject a minimal amount of allergen into the cat’s skin. The cat will then be under observation after the administration.

  5. The vet may suggest increasing the dosage of the allergen injection gradually to hopefully establish immunity against the antigen. A prescription for corticosteroids is necessary to heal the symptoms, but understand that they are not the cure for inhalant allergies. Give your cat supplemental fatty acids to also counteract the condition. They are effective for many cats.

  6. Your cat might have a contact allergy when the allergic symptoms exist after coming in contact with certain materials. A patch test maybe conducted by your vet to determine the culprit. Removing your cat from the area where it gets in contact with the substance it’s allergic to is ideal. You can also clear your vicinity of any chemicals or other strong elements to make it more comfortable for you and your cat.

  7. A corticosteroids prescription may also be given to relieve contact allergies or pruritus. The vet will also put the cat on an antibiotics course to deal with any bacterial infections.

You’ll definitely need the expertise of veterinarians to know the ways to treat cat allergies.  But it won’t do any good without your constant care and concern for your pet. To live harmoniously with cats, you should also establish your property as a cat-friendly place. This will prevent your cat from getting allergies and, of course, it will also stop you from having extra expenses for pet care. Never mind the efforts because cat lovers will always have the pleasure of taking care of their precious cat.


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