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how to treat colon cancer

how to treat colon cancer

Standard treatments are in place for colon cancer. Further developments are on the horizon as clinical trials continue to occur. How to treat colon cancer needs further studies. Sometimes the outcome of medical treatments’ side effects overpowers their benefits. Patients who are already vulnerable inside will feel worse when these symptoms start to weaken them. There must be new ways of treating colon cancer without the burden of side effects. In the meantime, here are the four major treatments available:

  1. Surgery is the removal of the cancerous part or limb from the body. There are various types of surgery like local excision which is the use of a rectal tube to remove the cancerous element from the colon possible during the early stages of colon cancer. Polypectomy is the process when the cancer exists in the polyp or bulging tissue. Resection, on the other hand, is a partial colectomy for larger cancers. Radiofrequency ablation involves electrolytes that destroy the cancer cells. Cryosurgery uses an instrument for freezing and destroying abnormal tissues.


  2. Chemotherapy uses substances to halt the growth of cancer cells. This is done by eliminating the cancer cells and stopping their divisions. The medicine used in liquid form can be taken orally or applied to the body through intravenous injection. This allows the drug to go along the bloodstream. If directed into the cerebrospinal fluid, the cancer cells in an organ like the abdomen will be dealt with first.

  3. Radiation therapy is also called high-energy X-rays. This is intended to kill cancer cells and to suppress them from multiplying. The method of sending radiation rays from the outside machine towards the cancerous part of the body is called external radiation therapy. When a radioactive substance passes through catheters or needles, it’s called internal radiation therapy. The type and stage of colon cancer will dictate the kind of radiation treatment needed.

  4. A well-focused method called targeted therapy uses drugs for the colon cancer type identification. The good thing is, this can destroy cancer cells without harming the healthy ones contrary to other treatments. An example of targeted therapy is monoclonal antibody therapy. It uses laboratory-made antibodies drawn from a similar type of immune system cell. The antibodies filter elements that support nourishment of cancer cells. The responsibilities of these antibodies are: elimination of cancer cells, blockage of cancer cell growth, and disabling their spread to nearby parts. Monoclonal antibodies are infused into the patient. They can be administered independently or with carry drugs, radioactive materials, or toxins directed to cancer cells.

The most noble thing to do for cancer patients is to take part in clinical tests or experiments in discovering new forms of colon cancer treatments. How to treat colon cancer is individually specific. There’s a great chance that a volunteer can heal their colon cancer through the new drugs being tested. This will give hope to the new generations to come. Even if the test will not be that successful, the experience itself is a good healing process for the patient where hope and aspirations are being welcomed again. A positive attitude will really affect the patient’s recovery at least from the burdens of the disease, a worthwhile thing to do despite the fact that this disease has no ultimate cure yet. What could be more important than becoming an instrument for the discovery of colon cancer cure in the future?


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