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how to treat color blindness

how to treat color blindness

Color blindness is almost always called   color vision deficiency. This is because when a person is diagnosed with color blindness, he/she has a decreased ability or no ability at all to distinguish certain colors. The colors that he/she will have difficulty in differentiating will vary on the spectrum for the type of color blindness that he/she is diagnosed with. Even though this condition is not a life-threatening disease, it can affect one’s future in terms of careers. There are some jobs like the Army, Air Force, Marines, quality control, and many more that will definitely see this as a problem if someone who is color blind joins them. It can cause serious problems along the way. Although there are only limited options, there are still a few preferences on how to treat color blindness. Color blindness doesn’t necessarily mean that there is actual blindness. It is just a term of art that was used to describe the absence of a response of the optic nerve in terms of color recognition. The colors green, red, blue or a mixture of these three are the most common colors that a color blind person may have difficulty in recognizing.

t of the time, this condition is genetic and is common in males. However, there is also what we call the acquired color vision condition wherein it is caused by one of the following: eye injury, aging, glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, or macular degeneration. An Ishihara Test image is one way of easily detecting if someone is color blind. A person with normal, color vision abilities will be able to identify colors and images across a sea of colors easily. This test will also determine the severity of your condition. Until now, there is no known treatment for color blindness as this is a genetic condition. However, there are certain types of temporary correctional devices that can help you improve your color vision.

  1. Some optometrists try to put a singular red-tint contact lens on the affected eye to help the patient to better distinguish colors. This special type of contact lens will enable your optic nerves to adjust to certain colors. The thing that you have to take into consideration is that your eyes may need some time to get used to this just as your eye is adjusting to the changes. There will also be times that your vision may get overwhelmed so you may want to practice a few times with someone.

  2. Another device that has been discovered is the “eyeborg.” This device is a cybernetic eye that will enable you to use your sense of hearing to represent the color. It is computer software that has been developed over time to help people who are color blind.

  3. You can also wear special glasses that block glare. That would help lessen the distractions.

  4. If the color blindness is caused by an underlying disease, the best way is to treat that first. Surgery for cataracts and other eye injuries would help you correct your color vision problems.

You must always take into consideration that being color blind is not something that should worry you. Although there are just a few things that can help you know how to treat color blindness, you must always try to do the best with what you have. If you feel that it can be something that can distract you, be familiar with some colors like the traffic lights and some important signs. Always try to ask other people for verification. You should not let this simple condition affect your daily activities. Just try to be patient and be familiar with the things that you can and can’t do.


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