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How to Treat Constipation in Cats

How to Treat Constipation in Cats

Constipation can happen to any cat. It is mostly caused by distress in older felines than younger ones. Sustaining your cat with a balanced diet will prevent it from having this health problem. If it happens to your feline friend, learn how to treat constipation in cats by reading through the following details on how to properly care for your cat:

  1. Identify the symptoms of constipation. It is important to observe your cat’s daily activities. Check its litter box to see if the cat still defecates in it every day as it usually does. Take your time to monitor its attempts to go to the litter box. If you don’t see a stool in the litter box despite your cat’s numerous attempts to move its bowel, your cat may be suffering from constipation. A constipated cat also shows signs of depression or less energy. It normally has no appetite when constipated. Be aware of these situations. The cat needs immediate help before it leads to a severe condition.

  2. Give your feline a balance diet. One way of helping a cat to avoid constipation is by preparing a well-balanced meal daily.

    ods enriched with high fibers are very essential to your cat’s health. Avoid feeding your cat fish bones, fatty and salty foods, or any human foods.  These substances will cause dehydration that will lead to the hardening of the cat’s stool and its constipation.

  3. Maintain daily grooming for your cat.  Constant brushing of its hair will prevent an excessive hair mess. The cat’s tendency to lick and eat its own hair may cause a hairball. This is another factor that will contribute to your cat’s bowel blockage.

  4. Provide enough water and a clean litter box every day. Serving your cat sufficiently with fresh water will prevent constipation. Remember that water is the most important element in its diet. Oftentimes, cats are fussy. They do not want to defecate in a dirty litter box.  So keep your litter box clean and inviting always. You may use a colorful litter box for the cat to enjoy.

  5. Ask the veterinarian for the proper medication for constipation. Do not delay your visit once you notice that your cat is suffering from constipation. Take your cat to the vet’s clinic for a further physical examination. Medical treatment for your cat will depend on how serious the condition is. The cat will undergo some diagnostic tests for the vet to assess its severity.

  6. Resort to natural treatments for constipation.  Adding olive oil to the cat food will be good for your constipated cat. It helps soften the stool, lubricate it, and it has minerals that promote healthy skin and shiny fur. Pumpkin will also help in making the release of a hardened stool in your cat easier. You can buy canned pumpkin or squash.  This is a simple procedure because cats love this food.

  7. Feed your cat cow’s milk. Milk will serve as the cat’s laxative to loosen its stool. Although cats are not supposed to be given cow’s milk, it’s good to use it just to help a constipated cat. Cats cannot easily digest milk with lactose.  Therefore, cow’s milk can cause them diarrhea.

Know that constipation has different levels of severity. Do not allow your cat to suffer beyond the mild level of constipation as much as possible. Severe constipation will lead to a painful surgery. Take the above suggestions on how to treat constipation in cats seriously. Cat owners will surely benefit from this information. Ignoring a constipated cat could cost you substantial amount of money for surgery, or even its life.


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