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how to treat coronary artery disease

how to treat coronary artery disease

You cannot get rid of coronary artery disease, or CAD, when you already have it. Treatments are more directed into reducing the symptoms of the disease. The heart can function properly when the arteries are free from inflammations and other destructions brought about by the symptoms. How to treat coronary artery disease is sometimes perceived as a trial-and-error procedure, but this is not the real case. Managing the symptoms of CAD will require behavior modification in addition to conventional treatments. Despite thorough diagnosis and evaluation, a prescribed treatment may be discontinued when the body is not reacting well to the effects of the drugs used in the treatment. This is not a mistake on the part of the doctor. The best treatment possible is based on the extent of the disease and must be implemented first before going through a more intense treatment. Here are the available remedies:

  1. Effective treatments include medical drugs. Calcium channel blockers and nitrates got good reviews in easing pain and angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease, or CAD.

    If these medications are not making any difference, the severity of the disease may be too advanced for the drugs to tackle. Stress thallium scintigraphy, coronary angiograms, and echocardiograms may be able to determine the degree of the disease to determine the suitable treatment.

  2. A non-surgical interference called angioplasty is an option for cases when the degree of the disease is restricted. This is recommended when CAD occurs only in one or two arteries. The procedure may be done using a balloon to increase the opening of the blocked arteries, but other cases involve a combination of both the balloon and coronary stent insertion.

  3. Severe coronary artery disease will be counteracted by coronary artery bypass grafting, or CABG. This is a surgical process where a vein or artery transplant is done to replace the damaged artery. This is for immediate blood flow restoration. When this is impossible to perform on heavily affected CAD patients, revascularization is another option using a laser beam to create new passages of blood from the heart walls through the muscles.

  4. A heart transplant would be the last resort among the surgeries available for extreme cases of CAD. This is a very major operation. It is interesting to know that gene therapy has led to clinical experiments that focused on a genetically engineered virus. It is injected into the heart muscle to let new arteries grow into the dead components of the heart wall. This is more than just improving the blood flow.

  5. You have no right to smoke anymore after CAD if you don’t want to terminate your life. Direct and secondhand smoking are both harmful to your already damaged heart. Your fatality rate will surge high if you do not quit smoking. Counseling and special medications can help you quit smoking.

  6. Hearty meals will delay if not stop the progress of the disease. More fruits and vegetables, high-fiber foods like oatmeal are the best examples of heart-friendly foods. Saturated, trans fats, and cholesterol-filled dishes must be minimized. Limit the salt consumption and add high Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds are the main sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

A complete lifestyle change is necessary to stay away from deadly diseases such as CAD. If you are not convinced to do this despite the presence of the disease in your body, you have a slim chance in surviving it. On top of that, the uncontrolled symptoms will make your life a living hell. How to treat coronary artery disease requires lots of self-sacrifice. However, this is more bearable than the sufferings caused by CAD.


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