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how to treat dementia patients

how to treat dementia patients

Dementia is a disorder that affects the cognitive functions of the brain. This mental illness sets in during the later stages of life when the brain is becoming less active. Dementia patients get easily frustrated, agitated and perhaps even very offensive and aggressive. To date, there is no known cure for dementia. However, there are a few things that we can do about how to treat dementia patients appropriately. Treatments for dementia vary. While some people prefer conventional medication, others opt to stay natural by using herbs, supplements, balanced and specific diets and daily exercise. But, according to Chase McAllister at jewishcarepearlsblog.com, “the only way to treat them (dementia patients) is to their heart’s desire.” Whatever is your chosen strategy, make sure that it is for the welfare of the afflicted elderly. The following ways will serve as a guide on how to deal and treat elderly people suffering from this debilitating and progressive mental disorder.

  1. Educate yourself about dementia.

    ving knowledge about the disorder will help you in figuring out the scenarios with dementia patients. In short, you should not be caught by surprise of their behaviors and mood swings as you stay with them. Learn about their characteristics so you can decide on the treatment strategies applicable to them.

  2. Be prudent before giving medication. Before any drug is introduced to a dementia patient, make sure that the drug will not create any adverse reaction with other drugs that the patient is likewise taking. In short, all medications must be compatible with each other. Also, make sure that the drug will not speed up the progression of dementia.

  3. Do not mind their erratic behavior. Most dementia patients have erratic behavior because they do not have control over themselves anymore. They are deprived of right reasoning and thinking due to their mental disorder. Thus, when they become inconsistent and unpredictable, just ignore their behavior.

  4. Reward them for every good response that you get. The reward may be comforting words, extra care and more quality time with them. Make them feel special, secure and calm.

  5. Go with the flow. A nursing home named Beatitudes has a unique approach in treating dementia patients. They even disregard common nursing home rules just to make their patients happy. In short, their approach is to go with what the patients want because that will give them comfort and satisfaction. Once the patients are happy, anxiety is gone and calmness sets in.

  6. Pour more love, understanding and patience. Make the patients feel that they are special. Exhibit deep patience to their demands, while explaining to them slowly the consequences of what they want, especially when the demand poses danger to their lives. Understand them and let them feel relaxed like they are in their comfort zone.

  7. Introduce brain exercises and play with them. Playing board games, such as chess and scrabbles, are good forms of brain exercise that can help dementia patients. The routine could become more effective if you would personally play with them. While playing, talk on matters that will help them recall their life, family, loved ones and friends.

  8. Exercise with them. Physical exercises are good for dementia patients, especially in promoting good blood circulation and in creating new brain cells. Doing exercise can also boost the level of trust and confidence between the patient and the caregiver.

There are other helpful ways on how to treat dementia patients. The tips identified above are proven effective in promoting the dementia patients’ satisfaction. People afflicted with dementia are mostly in the twilight of their lives. Thus, they must be happy all the time. They must enjoy their remaining days on earth. As a caregiver, always look after their welfare and pursue their happiness.


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