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how to treat diabetes

how to treat diabetes

Constant blood testing is needed when treating diabetes. A blood glucose meter is often used in checking the sugar level in the blood. Before breakfast is the best time to check how much sugar is in the blood and is better followed by after meals tests also. In the event that the level of sugar is too high, adjustments must be made immediately. How to treat diabetes will require some fortitude especially when pricking the finger during blood tests and when injecting insulin. Illness, infection, contamination, and the effects of stress can make the sugar level in the blood higher apart from eating the wrong kinds of food. On the other side, exercise, oral drugs, losing weight, and, of course, insulin bring down blood sugar levels. Innovative self-monitoring devices are now making diabetes treatments easier. The National Institutes of Health said that when sugar control is properly administered, the complications of diabetes will be reduced by around 60 per cent. Benefits from monitoring your blood sugar regularly and adjusting your diet, exercise, and medication based on the results will help you have a better life.

Here are some treatment options:

  1. Follow the advised mechanics of your doctor’s monitoring system. Blood is usually monitored before meals and after meals or at bedtime.

  2. Since blood testing is more accurate than urine testing to determine the degree of sugar in the blood, try to stick with this test and record your findings. Avail yourself of the new devices available in the market for checking your blood to make your tests more comfortable. Your pharmacist may be able to introduce you to the latest models.

  3. Administer your medication based on the doctor’s prescription. Insulin and orally administered drugs must be taken with the right dosage, frequency, and timing ordered by the doctor for best results.

  4. Plan your menu. Get your nutritionist’s suggestions and incorporate them for what you can handle. You can be creative in making an interesting meal plan. Some of your favorite dishes might be eliminated, but you can always add in some healthy but delicious alternatives. You need a lot of discipline in this area.

  5. Be true to your meal plan. Feel free to experiment on some servings, but make sure to know the benefits or disadvantages they can provide. Observe their effects on your body.

  6. Avoid white carbohydrates, but consume more whole fiber sources such as oatmeal, whole-wheat breads, and potatoes. Add in vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables and fruits. You can have some sweet delicacies in limited portions during special events only.

  7. It’s a must to shed off extra weight. Weight loss is vital in your treatment plan.  Medications should be focused on less. This is good for your liver. In some cases, you won’t need some drugs anymore like anti-hypertension medications if you lose weight.

  8. Be open with your doctor about the effects of the drugs prescribed. Tell him if your condition is not improving at all after taking his prescriptions. Note also some side effects experienced such as coughing. You may be allergic to some drugs that could worsen your condition. He may have to change the prescription.

Diabetic treatments are very personal. Not all patients will react the same way to certain medications. The success of the treatments will allow the patient to live a comfortable life for a very long time. The doctor-patient relationship must be established to be able to work hand in hand in beating the symptoms of the disease. They must both agree to the treatment plan before starting the process. How to treat diabetes does not rely on medications only. Lifestyle and psychosocial issues must be dealt with also for long-term results.


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