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How to Treat Diabetes in Cats

How to Treat Diabetes in Cats

If you have an older cat, then it is best to know how to treat diabetes in cats, as it is more prone to becoming obese and diabetic. Having diabetes does not really mean your cat is in a very critical condition.  It just means that medications need to be administered and feeding should be controlled and regulated.  Read on for more information:

  1. If your cat is about five to seven years old and is obese, there is a chance that it will become diabetic. As soon as you see symptoms of diabetes – like constant peeing, getting thirsty more often and other abnormal conditions – consult a veterinarian right away.  Should your cat be diagnosed, ask the vet for the right medications and diet suggestions.

  2. Should your vet recommend insulin injections, let him show you how to inject it using a thin syringe. This is usually given twice a day, so in case you are not around, ask someone to do it for you to assure that medication is continuous.  Make sure to give the right dosage as too much can cause the blood sugar to drop extremely low, triggering a condition called hypoglycemia.

    ady with a sugar source in case of emergency.

  3. An obese and diabetic cat needs to lose weight considerably.  It should be encouraged to be more active. Spend some time playing with it so it is encouraged to move around more. Do not just let it sleep a lot. Ask your vet for the right cat food to give to your pet. It should have low carbohydrate content. You should also refrain from giving it treats in the meantime, as they can easily cause its blood sugar to shoot up.

  4. As much as possible, do not let your cat go to your neighbor’s house, as they might feed it with something that will trigger an increase in the blood sugar. It is best to apply a cat tag with the inscription “do not feed me.”

  5. In the event that your cat shows signs of sluggishness, vomiting and seizure, make sure to be ready with a first aid kit.  Check the condition - it might be a very low or very high sugar level. Use the strip to find this out, so you won’t make the mistake of giving sugar when its blood sugar is really high and insulin when the blood sugar is really low.

  6. Have a regular monitoring of your pet cat’s sugar level.  There will be times when it goes back to normal and you need to stop all the medications and special feeding. Just don’t be too lenient, as it is very possible for diabetes to recur.

Knowing how to treat diabetes in cats is very empowering.  You need not confine your pet to your vet’s facility (which definitely will be very expensive) when you are knowledgeable about its treatment and care. It is like taking care of a baby, as it needs your full attention; however, diabetes in cats is definitely treatable.


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