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How to Treat Dog Arthritis

How to Treat Dog Arthritis

Arthritis is always thought of as a disease for the oldies but in reality it can inflict even the not so old ones, human and dogs alike.  It is characterized by pains in the joints which make movements difficult. It even results to motor inability when the problem worsened. It will definitely affect the day to day activities of your pet dog. If before it used to be very energetic and active, expect the opposite after arthritis. It is therefore important to know how to treat dog arthritis to prolong the youthful glow your pet dog.  These are some suggestions that prove to be very helpful:

  1. Do not set aside consultation with the vet. If your dog is in pain due to arthritis as you suspect, it is best to consult a veterinarian. If the pain is intense, he will prescribe analgesics or corticosteroids. If the pain is severe, your vet might recommend giving steroids. As arthritis is not curable, the best thing to be done to your dog is to ease the pain and discomfort it is suffering from. Overweight dogs need to diet as too much weight is causing strain to its joints.

    ameness is a symptom of arthritis so it is best to encourage your dog to exercise.

  2. Resort to acupuncture which is also another effective treatment. It is not a cure but again it relieves the pain for quite some time. Do not allow dogs with arthritis to jump and stand on its back feet. It will just aggravate the situation and will cause more pain and sufferings.

  3. Try physical therapy which is also a treatment for osteoarthritis in dogs. Encourage your dog to be cooperative by giving words of praise when it shows signs of being meek and obedient. This develops joint flexibility when done regularly. Make some gentle massages too to relieve the pain. Help your dog and boost its spirit as dogs in pain are usually depressed.  They tend to lose appetite, as well as their interest in playtime and in mingling with household members that is usually not the case. A sudden change of character is very noticeable which indicates its suffering from the pain caused by arthritis.

  4. Let your dog swim because it is an excellent exercise for an arthritic dog. It enables the dog to exercise its joints without putting strain on its legs and joints. It is also a fun activity for the dog especially for some breeds that are fond of water. Do not force it to plunge into the water if it has fever or sores in any part of its body.

  5. Give your dog some joint supplements that are rich in glucosamine and chrondritin. These are known to have the ability to repair and lubricate joints though it takes a while to see the effect - about three to six weeks. There are some medications that can be injected with faster results but you have to get the recommendation of your vet for the appropriate one for your pet. Adequan injections are commonly used.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease and therefore has no cure.  It is also progressive so it is important to give it extra time and attention to learn how to treat dog arthritis. Large breed dogs are affected more than small breeds - as too much weight is putting strain on the dog’s joints.  It is wise to treat arthritis as soon as you see the symptoms so it won’t take over your pet’s lifestyle right away.


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