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How to Treat Dog Cancer

How to Treat Dog Cancer

Dog cancer is a very serious matter and requires your full attention. Knowing how to treat dog cancer is important, especially if the type of cancer is benign. This is not fatal yet, but without proper treatment it can develop to become malignant. When you see the first signs, such as loss of weight and loss of appetite, you have to schedule a consultation with your veterinarian right away. These are some suggestions that can help:

  1. Ask for recommendations from your veterinarian. Know if it is necessary to confine your dog in the hospital so it can be given proper care. Also, ask which procedures need to be undertaken.  Severe cases are hard to handle because in some instances surgery may be performed. Less severe cases can be treated at home, but it is best to know the right thing to do.

  2. There are several common treatments for dog cancer, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hyperthermia or cryosurgery. Discuss each option with your veterinarian.  Some of these treatments are really expensive and some are less effective than others.

    ome just minimize or reduce the cancer cells. It is your decision as the pet owner to choose the treatment.

  3. Another way to treat dog cancer is through the holistic approach.  The idea is to produce more healthy cells by increasing the intake of protein and fats in the diet while minimizing carbohydrates to just ten percent.  This has proven to be effective in prolonging the life of ailing dogs, but it is not a total cure.  This will just spare your dog the pain and stress of the traditional treatments. This is also less costly for you. It is believed that cancers are developed by food intake over the years. Usually feeding it commercially available dog foods is the culprit. Reverse the negative effects with a change in diet at an early age.

  4. Still another treatment for dog cancer involves giving your pet daily doses of flaxseed oil along with cottage cheese.  Many testimonies point toward its effectiveness.  A very weak dog, when given flaxseed oil with cottage cheese, will instantly show signs of revived health.  It is not an instant healing, but at least it allows the dog to regain its strength and live more comfortably despite being affected with the disease.

  5. You may opt to have your dog undergo surgery if you think this is the best option, but in reality, it often requires a long recovery time, especially if it requires amputation. Life for them will never be the same again.  They may also have a tendency to become very depressed and suffer from severe anxiety.

Ensure that the path you choose on how to treat dog cancer will make things better for your beloved pet. Study the situation very carefully to be able to come up with the best treatment for your pet. A better understanding of these factors will definitely lead you to making a sound decision.


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