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How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Effectively

How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Effectively

Observe your pet if it is showing signs of ear infection such as having a brownish or yellowish discharge on its ear with usually a pungent odor, redness or swelling on the inner ear, constantly scratching its ear, jerking in pain when you touch the ear area, tilting its head to one side and irritability. Know how to treat dog ear infection before even going to your veterinarian for a check-up as your pet may already be in pain and too much discomfort can cause it to get depressed. Here are some ideas you might want to apply to your pet:

  1. Smear some concentrated white vinegar or apple cider vinegar inside your dog’s ear. Tilt its head to the side so the vinegar can penetrate and reach up to the inner canal and soak it. The vinegar will remove the debris inside its ear and will restore the balance of yeast and bacteria that is present inside its ear. Massage the base of its ear and wipe away the excess fluid with a cotton ball. This is usually done for ear infections caused by yeast. Never mind the smell of the vinegar, the most important thing is the relief your dog will feel.


  2. Give it a warm compress when your dog is obviously in pain and the inner ear is swollen. Use a warm cloth and dab it on its ear repeatedly. You can also apply some green tea. Soak the green tea bag in hot water and let it cool down.  Use this to flush your dog’s ear twice daily until the infection is cleared out.

  3. Squeeze few drops of Vitamin E oil to the inside of your dog’s ear. It is a good remedy for ear infection as well. It eases away the pain and swelling. It also helps get rid of mites that might also be the cause of the ear infection in your dog’s ears. Any natural oil for that matter can also be used in the absence of Vitamin E oil like garlic oil which is a natural antibiotic.

  4. Bring the dog for an ear infection test using an otoscope for the veterinarian to have a glance into the dog’s inner ear canal. He can swab cotton to collect a sample and look at it under a microscope. This can make him determine if the ear infection is caused by a bacteria or yeast infection. Both can be treated with Epi-Otic Flush or Temeral P. Bacterial infection can also be treated with Otomax Eardrops or Cephalexin antibiotic while yeast ear infection can be treated with mometamax ear drops.

  5. Make sure to dry its ear right after bathing and swimming if your pet is prone to ear infection. Also include in the cleaning process its living space so mites, fleas and other parasites cannot infest. Supplementing its diet with vitamin C will also be a preventive measure. Ear infection usually occurs when your dog’s resistance is low so make sure you give your pet dog nutritious foods, enough exercise and rest.

How to treat dog ear infection needs your full cooperation and intensive care. Your dog is practically dependent on you for the relief of its pain and discomforts. Be patient as infections don’t go away overnight. It takes some time to continue with the medication and remedies. Doing this for your pet dog would really help ease its suffering. If your dog is not cooperative, still persevere with doing the chosen cure or remedy.


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