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How to Treat Dog Mange

How to Treat Dog Mange

There are three types of dog mange and it is important to know what kind your dog is infected with. This way, you can figure out how to treat dog mange in your pet effectively. Normally, it is best to consult your veterinarian, but it is also good to be informed. That way, you can start the treatment early and save your dog from the trouble brought about by mites. Here are some important details on treatment:

  1. To remedy Cheyletiella Mange, bathe your dog with a mild organic shampoo and massage and lather the affected area. As with fleas, you can find the big red mite yourself and take it off your dog’s body. Be cautious though, as they have the ability to jump and to transfer to your own head or to other dogs. They are definitely contagious.

    This type of mange can cause itching, usually to puppies. Dandruff-like flakiness on the skin is usually visible on the head, neck and back. This is the least serious among the three types of mange. The damage and discomfort it gives your dog is mild and short-lived.


  2. Consult your veterinarian for the treatment of Demodectic Mange as this is a more serious kind of mange. Normally, fasting is recommended for about five to seven days followed by a natural diet to help your dog get rid of the toxins. Application of skin and coat tonic is also good. Supplements that are rich in vitamin C and E must be given to your dog. You can also rub lemon on the affected areas every day until they disappear. This is the most common form of mange, and it normally affects puppies and adult dogs alike. The mites are microscopic and easily multiply. These kinds of mites can also be found in humans, usually on the eyebrows and the nose area. Symptoms include the thinning of hair in some areas, for instance around the eyes and mouth, and on skin patches of about one inch wide.

  3. Get a prescription from your veterinarian for the appropriate remedies for Sarcoptic Mange or Scabies as this is a severe condition. You can give your pet frequent medicated baths to soothe the soreness in the affected areas, or you can apply lemon juice too. This should be treated as an urgent matter as these mites can occupy the whole body and cause extreme discomfort and pain to your pet. The symptoms of this condition are like flea infestation. Itchiness is so severe that your dog scratches deep into its skin and sometimes bites into it, causing rashes and soreness. This can lead to other infections too. This type of mange is brought about by the female mite laying eggs deep in the dog’s skin. It easily spreads, causing much itchiness and irritation.

Mange usually affects unhealthy dogs. It is therefore important to look after the overall health and well-being of your dog. This includes its feeding, grooming and proper hygiene. How to treat dog mange depends on the type of mites that have infested your dog and on the severity of the infestation. Keeping your dog’s environment clean and disinfected from time to time is also a good preventive measure. This may seem a petty problem at first, but it can definitely lead to more serious problems. These include secondary infections brought about by lesions and sores on the skin. The overall health of your dog will be affected as it will lose its appetite, be irritated, develop anxiety and eventually suffer from low immunity. These will all make it susceptible to more serious illnesses. Therefore, never take the symptoms of mange for granted if you recognize them on your dog.


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