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how to treat dog seizures

how to treat dog seizures

A veterinarian can only do a good job in treating dog seizures when you are helpful in giving valid information about your pet. The regular companion or caretaker of the dog is the best person to help the animal doctor. The secret on how to treat dog seizures depends on the correct assessment of what causes it. This way, doctors can give the corresponding medications and can also give advice to owners on what to do so as not to repeat the dog’s ordeal. Treatment should not be delayed if the seizure is due to distemper or any viral diseases.  Combinations of anti-seizure and seizure medications will be prescribed. But if it’s caused by some chemical reactions, the doctor may have to advise to take that element out of the house also. If the doctor does not have a conclusion as to what causes the condition, the dog may be likely to be given anti-seizure medications only. Here are some medicines and medical procedures that can be administered to the dog:

  1. A popular dog seizure medicine is Phenobarbital. This is a common prescription of veterinarians, but you need to also note that there are side effects.

    pect drowsiness, weight gain, and serious liver disease. Do not be surprised if your dog cannot balance or stand properly anymore. If the dog is exhausted all the time after treatment, don’t be concerned. Know that it is also one of the side effects.

  2. Clorazepate or Tranxene is a sleeping tablet for dogs. It’s an anti-seizure drug the same as that of Valium. The dog will be easy to manage because it’s relaxed or will just sleep. But be aware that dogs can develop a tolerance to the medicine. The regular dosage may not work anymore and has to be increased if symptoms persist. It cannot be stopped immediately also because the dog will have a severe withdrawal syndrome.

  3. A milder medicine in terms of side effects is Felbamate or Felbatol. If you have the patience to administer this treatment every day and do not mind spending more for your pet, go for this one. This will not cause drowsiness and is perfect for dogs affected by brain abnormalities. This medicine is not, however, suitable for puppies.

  4. Another everyday drug is Levetiracetam or Keppra.  Three doses per day is the normal prescription. The dosage will depend on the size of the dog amounting to not more than U.S. $300 monthly. The doctor will advise you to try a minimal dosage first and adjust it according to its effects on the dog. All dogs will not have the same reactions to the drug.

  5. When the seizures of your dog are caused by a life-threatening condition, surgery may be necessary. This is not a cheap alternative and can also easily result in complications because it’s the brain that has to be operated on. Other brain cells can be damaged thus leading to other disabilities. This is the very reason why dog owners opt not to engage in this procedure.

Other methods on how to treat dog seizures are still being developed. Experts are experimenting with how to treat this brain dysfunction using low-voltage electricity. The procedure will require applying the process frequently to the affected brain area. This is preferred in context because it is non-surgical. The study is still on-going, and there’s still no clear indication that it can be more effective than the procedures that are already mentioned.


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