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How to Treat Dog Skin Allergies

How to Treat Dog Skin Allergies

When your dog is allergic to something, you will surely feel the discomforts it is experiencing. Stop it from suffering due to skin itchiness, swelling and redness. Worst, it will even have hives or lose its hair extensively. Start your rescue efforts by knowing the elements that made your dog have allergic reactions. You can be very successful on how to treat dog skin allergies without medical help following the recommendations below:

  1. Inspect your dog physically for some traces of allergic reactions. If it is around the ear area, it can be caused by ear mite infestation. If you see bites in the stomach or where it has less hair, fleas may be the culprits. However, if the allergies are seasonal or it only occurs during spring time, pollens or climate change may be the ones to be blamed. When there’s a diarrhea outbreak after making some changes in its diet, chances are – there’s a food component in its dog food that does not connive with its system.

  2. Perform a trial and error approach in identifying the allergen that is detrimental to your dog’s health – just to confirm your suspicions.

    easy with foods because you can just refrain from giving it to the dog and prepare another variety yourself using the ingredients that your dog has been eating for a long time without any problems. If it is environmental issues, you may have to adjust its outdoor activities for the time being. When you start seeing bruises in your dog’s skin due to too much scratching, administer antihistamine immediately just to ease the itch.

  3. Be careful in using products for your dog like its shampoo and conditioner. Use hypoallergenic formulas or resort to natural substances like powdered oatmeal and other holistic products. What are good for babies will not harm to your dog at this point in time. So, it’s just a matter of making the right selections based on the sensitivity of your dog.

  4. Dilute a minimal amount of Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar in a basin of cool water. You can also use calendula or submerge a tea bag lightly into the water. Use this solution as the final wash of your dog after giving it a bath with warm water. You can also soak its body for few minutes just to give it some relief from those allergies and to stop further reactions.

  5. Lubricate its fur with natural oils by directly applying them externally or through its diet. Edible oils from sunflower, fish and canola are great food supplements for dogs. These will help maintain and nourish its full and shiny coat from the inside. Rub some eucalyptus, lavender or virgin coconut oil into its skin to prevent dryness. These will also make the dog feel relaxed.

  6. Always get the advices of experts when all the above methods do not seem to work. A veterinarian can check for underlying diseases that trigger the allergies. The vet may have to put your dog under a full course of antibiotics. Follow this through and do not miss on the medications because it can have adverse effects to your dog’s condition.

You need to be serious on how to treat dog skin allergies because when a family member is irritable due to this condition, the whole household will not have peace. This is the same with your dog since a pet is also part of the family. Now you know that thorough cleaning is not enough because allergies can exist even in the most hygienic places.


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