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How to Treat Ear Mites in Cats

How to Treat Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites are common problems for different kinds of pets. The itchy and sometimes painful rashes caused by ear mites definitely bring discomfort to your pet. Remedies on how to treat ear mites in cats are as follows:  

  1. Seek your veterinarians’ advice. Once you notice that your feline friend keeps on scratching its ears; it’s a sign that there are ear mites inside its ear canal. Vets have their own equipment to see through to the cat’s inner ear to determine what’s causing the cat’s intense scratching. Ear mites look like earthy, dark brown wax or sometimes reddish crust containing blood. These parasites can dwell inside your cat’s ear canal. They might be tiny, living creatures, but they can seriously infect your cat’s ears. Using an otoscope, a vet takes a sample of this waxy element from the cat’s ear to determine if it contains ear mites.

  2. Let the professionals do the internal cleaning of your feline’s ear. Upon confirming that your cat has ear mites, the vet will suggest this procedure: using mineral oil, the vet will carefully lubricate the cat’s ear.

    o soften the waxy element from the cat’s ear and then it will be followed by rinsing it with warm water. The vet will do this procedure twice a week to make sure that the thousands of ear mites will be totally removed from the cat’s ear including their eggs.

  3. Continue the medication at home. Before leaving the vet’s clinic, make sure to purchase the prescribed medicines that you can administer at home. Vets usually prescribe Pyrethrin.  It is a liquid medicine which contains an insecticide that will kill ear mites. This can be administered using a dropper. After applying Pyrethrin, massage the cat’s ear to distribute the medicine thoroughly throughout the cat’s ear canal.

  4. There are also home remedies to kill ear mites in your cat’s ear. Using a dropper, take a small amount of olive oil and then induce the oil into the cat’s ear. Use cotton balls to gently wipe the discharge coming out from the cat’s ears that might contain ear mites. Just be very careful not to touch the inner part of the cat’s ear canal.  It can hurt your pet and can cause infection as well.

  5. Another popular and natural remedy to kill ear mites is by using Yellow Dock Root Extract. Form a mixture of at least nine drops of YDRE plus 5ml of water. Using a dropper, squirt the liquid mixture into the cat’s ear and then gently massage the ear. Do the same procedure for both ears if necessary. Repeat this treatment once every three days for about six weeks.

  6. Try the almond oil with vitamin E treatment. Load an adequate amount of the almond oil into the dropper and then squeeze the oil into the cat’s affected ear. Add a bit of oil onto a cotton ball and gently massage the surrounding part of your cat’s ear. Just continue doing the procedure until the cat struggles to get away from you. Do not forget to wipe away any spilled oil that can be seen around the outer part of the cat’s ear. Apply this treatment once every three days.

How to treat ear mites in cats is something that must not be ignored for the benefit of your pet. The presence of ear mites in your cat’s ear is very unhealthy.  Your cat can lose its sense of hearing if not treated properly.  In addition to that, treatments for this condition must be done at the earliest possible time because it is highly transmissible to other pets.


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