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How to Treat Ear Mites in Kittens

How to Treat Ear Mites in Kittens

Ear mites cause discomfort and irritation to cats let alone kittens. Once you’ve discovered that your kitten keeps scratching its ears and shaking its head, numerous ear mites might be present inside its ear canal. Treatment must be applied immediately.  Here’s how to treat ear mites in kittens to help you in dealing with your kitten’s irritable condition:

  1. Examine your kitten’s ear. The mother cat that is affected with ear mites is also the source of its kitten’s ear mites. Ear mites are highly contagious parasites that can rapidly transfer to other pets not just felines. If you notice your kitten constantly scratching its ear, get a flashlight and inspect the kitten’s inner ear. You may find some formations of ear wax in its ear canal which contains blood and dirt. The little kitten may have some pain and sores from this infestation.

  2. Treat the ear mites using ear drops formulated to eliminate ear mites. Their intensity level differs according to the severity of the ear mite infestation.

    t a veterinarian for the right prescription and dosage for your little kitten.  Administer this treatment two times daily to kill the mites and to prevent affecting other pets.

  3. Apply Pyrethrin to eradicate a group of ear mites. This is a liquid insecticide drop.  It is a strong formula created to eliminate numerous ear mites inside the kitten’s ear canal.  Drop an adequate amount of Pyrethrin into the affected ear and then massage the ear gently to distribute the medicine equally along the ear canal. Repeat the session once a day for a week. Go back to your vet to further examine the kitten’s ear if there’s an improvement. A special instrument called an otoscope is used to inspect and then clean the kitten’s inner ear.

  4. Provide your kitten with a complete inspection by a veterinarian. Mites can also be transferred to its tail or fur. Ensure that there are no more mites around the kitten’s body before leaving the vet’s clinic. Since you are also in close contact with the infected feline, there is a possibility that the mites will be transferred to your skin.  Wear gloves while treating the kitten and wash your hands well when finished.

  5. Natural remedies can kill mites. Mineral oil, almond oil, and vegetable oil are home remedies that can kill ear mites.  These alternatives will not compromise your budget. Reuse a dropper and refill it with natural oil. Drip enough oil into the kitten’s ear. Massage gently to help spread the oil inside the ear. While the kitten is cooperative, get a cotton ball and put a little oil on it that is just enough to wet the cotton ball. Cleaning the kitten’s outer ears to remove ear wax is very important. There may be thousands of ear mites in the ear wax.

  6. Grooming your kitten regularly is the best way to maintain its health. Do constant checking and cleaning of its ears including its mouth, nose, eyes, and anus.  These are usually an infection’s starting points. By doing this, you can easily detect the existence of an alarming condition. Use clean and dry soft cloths to wipe its ears after every grooming to remove the dirt and ear wax around the ear’s outer surface. Parasites do not easily multiply or grow in a clean and dry ear.

Consider the above factors on how to treat ear mites in kittens.  They will give you a good source of information to prevent and cure common infections brought about by ear mites in kittens.


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