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how to treat epilepsy

how to treat epilepsy

Pharmaceutical firms worldwide are still continuing to experiment and formulate more effective drugs for epilepsy that are safer in terms of side effects. Finding new ways on how to treat epilepsy will not be cheap according to manufacturers. The investment is estimated to be around U.S. $150 million for every new drug based on a MedCity News report dated June 14, 2011. This is not something that discouraged most makers unless there’s a solid partnership for the thorough research, quality development, and massive marketing of the product with the government and other notable business entities.        Leading pharmaceutical companies are looking into how neuron impulses are being transmitted as the basis of their research. Existing drugs are concentrating more on controlling symptoms of epilepsy, such as seizures, rather than the root cause. Suppressing seizures will depend largely on the condition of the individual’s physical health, genetic makeup, and trend of the seizures. Here’s how to handle attacks caused by epilepsy:

  1. Keep the person safe during the attack.

    for the worst especially when tonic-clonic seizures are happening. This is the scariest type of seizure that lasts a bit longer than usual attacks. Keep all things away from the patient. Remove anything that could suffocate him including tight clothing and accessories. Cushion the floor and keep an eye on the head for better cushioning to avoid head injuries. Putting a pillow under the head would be ideal.

  2. Inform the doctor regarding the intensity of the seizures. There are many anti-seizure drugs available from mild to extreme qualities, but these have to be balanced with the patient’s tolerance to the drugs. Although these medicines have a 70 per cent rating for seizure control, they must be administered before an attack happens. Being observant to the vital signs that trigger the attack will help greatly. Depakote, Mysoline, and Tegretol are some examples of these drugs. Tranxene is Valium-like tranquilizers that will make the victim relax. Topamax and Trileptal are newer epileptic medicines.

  3. Consider the use of epilepsy side effect drugs. Sometimes the side effects will be too much to bear for the patient. This is the reason why doctors’ prescriptions start from lower dosages then increase gradually to allow the patient to adjust to the effects of the drugs. It’s granted that all epilepsy drugs have side effects. It’s just a matter of how well or bad the patient is responding to them. Precautionary measures are recommended to people who have zero tolerance for discomfort.

  4. Be familiar with the types of side effects. Impairment of the sense of sight, exhaustion, restlessness, stomach problems, and sleepiness are common side effects. Low blood cell counts, skin rashes, and liver damage are the other surprising side effects. Swelling of the gums and hair loss can happen occasionally also. The good thing is, your physician will brief you regarding the possible side effects you’re going to encounter. Oftentimes, the patient will be able to tolerate the said side effects in due time.

How to treat epilepsy differs from one person to the other. Many people will not experience the seizures after few years of treatment. In this case, the administration of such medications may be discontinued. However, other people’s prescriptions could be for their lifetime especially when they have a stressful environment or way of life. The doctor will be able to evaluate when to discontinue, change, or retain prescribed drugs for better health. Following the doctor’s advice will be best for the patient. When in doubt, get a second opinion.


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