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how to treat head lice

how to treat head lice

Mothers whose children are infested with Pediculosis are always searching for ways on how to treat head lice quickly and effectively. These little creatures, which thrive on the human head, have become a common problem for children and even adults. Killing head lice and stopping their recurrence is quite a challenge. The treatment applied to the head is not enough to completely eradicate head lice. Areas where lice commonly thrive, such as old pillows and blankets, must be checked and treated. Here are a few tricks for ridding your household of lice. These tricks require extra effort and patience.

  1. Observe and assess the presence of head lice. Determine how many of your family members have lice. Remember, once you start the treatment, it must be continuous until all the lice are gone, otherwise you will find a reoccurrence.

  2. An actual check is necessary so you can provide the commensurate treatment. Treat your family members altogether to avoid further infestation.

    If you find lice on their heads, you can be sure that you will find some on their pillows and beddings.

  3. Choose between natural remedies and chemical remedies. For natural remedies of treating lice, use mayonnaise and olive oil. The chemically-based remedies include anti-lice shampoos and other hair treatment products. You can use both types of remedies to be safe.

    In applying the treatment, whether natural or chemical-based, do it thoroughly, covering the hair roots and scalp. Make sure you cover every space on the head. Afterward, wrap your hair with a shower cap to suffocate the head lice.

    Complete this process religiously before taking a bath. Perform this daily ritual at least 30 minutes to one hour before going into the shower. This lapse of time is more than enough for the chemicals to settle down and react subsequently against the head lice.

  4. Use hot water and then strong detergent in soaking your garments. Before washing your used beddings, pillows, blankets, towels and clothing, soak them in hot water for about 30 minutes. After that, soak them again using powerful detergents. If you wish to use bleach, make sure that you separate your white clothes from the colored ones. The use of bleaching solution can also effectively kill the lice on your garments. Wash the garments and dry them in the dryer, or under the heat of the sun.

  5. Use disinfectants. Clean the floor matting and floor carpets using a vacuum cleaner and immediately disinfect the removed dirt before throwing it far away from your home. Likewise, use disinfectants in cleaning your headwear, such as helmets and caps. Clean and disinfect your car seats and the rest of the interior using a vacuum cleaner.

  6. Constant check. Always check for possible traces of head lice so you can prevent their recurrence and re-infestation.

The influx of head lice spreads quickly because they mobilize in thousands and breed quickly. The treatment against them must be uninterrupted and persistent. Make use of the above-suggestions on how to treat head lice. Don’t stop until they are completely gone.


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